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The safety of women has always been a concern, and now that women no longer stay at home, and have also started exploring the world and walking alongside men it has become more of a problem. Women these days are not safe even in our metro cities. There have been instances where women have been eve teased or molested even in crowded places in the middle of the day, and no one lifts a finger to help. Our safety is in our hands. So we need to help ourselves and be prepared to defend ourselves.

If such a situation arises we should try and stay calm and think with our heads  because only then can we actually get out of the situation. If we start panicking, we might not be able to think of a way out. Here are a few tips that might come in handy.


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  1. Escaping is always the best option. If you suddenly attacked or confronted, the first thing you should think of doing is run to a safe place with many people around like a mall, because once you are in a crowded place the chances that the predator will make a move are less. Also in such situations if the predator asks you to come along with him, never agree. Rather try and draw attention towards yourself; you could run shout or throw a rock through a window to set off an alarm etc.
  2. Awareness is the key. We should always be aware of what is going on in our surroundings.  Or where we are. We should always keep a check on these things. If we are aware we might realize if someone is following us or targeting us for that matter. And being aware and knowing your surroundings can give you an advantage. Prefer not talking on the phone while walking alone., as it distracts the mind and we are completely unaware of everything.
  3. Our government gives us the right to defend ourselves. So we should never hesitate in striking back or sometimes even before the attack because the attack is anyways imminent. This is not legally or morally wrong on any grounds. Your first instinct should be to protect yourself and then think about anything else. Also be familiar with certain points which are weaker than the rest, like groin, eyes etc.
  4. One should always carry a weapon with themselves for protection. When I say weapon it doesn’t necessarily means a gun or a knife, there can me many other subtle things you could use. Like carrying a pepper spray or a stun gun or a taser might be helpful. You could also carry mirchi powder in a box, or use any sort of aerosol spray in the eyes. But you should be very careful with such stuff, and should know how to use them or else they might be used against you itself.
  5. If you are in a hotel or a mall or any building of any sort, you should always take the elevator and try and avoid stairs. Because stairs are completely deserted and secluded places. Also never stand in a corner in an elevator because this way your path can be easily blocked.
  6. Studies have been conducted stating that women have a very good sixth sense or as we call it intuition or gut feeling. There will be signs, you might feel weird and awkward. In such situations don’t calm yourself down thinking its just nothing. Believe in your gut instinct.
  7. Here are some of the most vulnerable areas where you could attack

(1)    Attack on the legs of the predator.

(2)    Poke hard in the eyes.

(3)    Punch in the stomach

(4)    Kicking in the groin

(5)    Hitting hard on the Adams apple



  1. We women should be aware of what we are putting on the websites on the internet as it is not a very safe and secure place. Predators may sometimes use such platforms to gain knowledge about you. They might find out where you live or your contact number and sometimes even your daily routine.
  2. If it is dark prefer not taking a cab or an auto. Also use public transport only when there are sufficient numbers of people are around. Or if neither call someone to pick you up or tell one of your friends to drop you off.
  3. If you are going out somewhere alone, be sure to give all of your details to two three people. Like where you are going, who else is along, when are you most likely to return etc. Once you tell someone all of this, you can be relaxed and a little less tensed as there is someone who knows exactly where you are and can come as soon as possible in case of an emergency.


Here are a few tips that might be of use in case something like this ever happens to you. Also if you see someone in danger or in any such situation never hesitate for a second to help them out or stand up for them, because this is how crimes against women will be decreased. Be aware, be safe.

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