Ramayana- Facts

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Do you know the exact reason behind Kaikeye’s act???

Ramayana is a beautiful epic which tells us how one must live following the path of truth and loyality. Ramayana is about the great lord Vishnu who has taken avatar as Raman as the son of prosperous and dignified kingdom of suryavanshis lead by king Dhasharatha. He had three wives namely Queen Kosala, Queen Sumithrai and the third and beautiful Queen Kaikeye. Dhasharatha likes his third wife more than the other two for he always used to consult with her regarding any opinions be it personal or professional.

After some years the three queens gave birth to 4 beautiful sons- Raman, Bharathan, Lakshmanan and Chatrukanan.. Kaikeye showed too much of affection towards Rama though he is not her direct son and he too loved his Kaikeye mom very much than Kosala. This is just a gist about Rama’s family.

Being like this we all are thinking that queen Kaikeye asked to give her two wishes as promised earlier. She asked wish 1 as her son Bharath needs to become the king and secondly Rama has to go to forest for 16 long years.. the king was startled by her wish who loved her son Rama than anyone else. This is one of the main turning point in the life of Rama and all thought that queen Kaikeye is ambitious and selfish.

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But the truth behind this act is queen Kaikeye is good at astrology and she found something strange with Rama’s horoscope. Later she came to know that whoever succeeds the throne and becomes the king for next 16 years, they will be either assassinated or will meet their death. This news worried kaikeye because at that time only they all decided to hand over the leadership to the precious son, Rama and she too was too happy about this. Now the issue is if Rama succeeds king Dhasharatha sure he life will be ended soon. So with utmost love and care towards Rama she took this difficult decision of using her two wishes to protect him. Her care towards him can be noted that though Bharathan being her son leads, he too will be dead but she boldly asked this wish. Fortunately the devoted brother of Rama declined the throne and placed Rama’s slippers in place of his memory and considered him as the king and then Bharathan lead the kingdom. Thus both their lives are saved. Such is the care of queen  Kaikeye who bestowed unflinching love towards Rama…..


Do you know the exact reason behind Ravana’s act????


Ravana the bravest king of Lanka and a great devotee of lord Shiva is highly talented and leads his kingdom in a wealthy and in a beautiful way. While Rama, Lady Sita and Lakshmana are on their way living happily enjoying the beauty of nature in forests during their 16 years of forest life, there comes another twist in their life. The known fact is when Soorpanagai, sister of Ravana has been insulted by Lakshmana.. she goes and complains to her brother. He falls for the beauty of Sita and tries to get her married to him. So he somehow managed to capture her at the right time. Then we all know Rama went in search of her, fought the battle and Ravana was killed.

But… the truth behind Ravana’s act is…

Ravana and his wife were sitting near a lake long ago and she was too much interested to see a golden lotus in the middle of the lake. She wished for it and so her husband went to take it. It was huge and heavy that it was not an easy task to take it. He tried a lot and finally achieved. They were too surprised after seeing what was inside the beautiful adorable lotus was a beautiful girl baby. She loved that baby and wished to bring up as her daughter. But the astrologer warned them that this child if it was with you will cause trouble and even may lead to the death of the king.. so unwillingly they dropped the kid on the land and left. This is the kid Janakan maharaja found while ploughing the land and since he does not have any kid willingly brought up as his child. Thus while spending 16 years in forest, Ravana cannot bear his daughter to suffer. So he thought he might bring her to Lanka and lead a happy life till 16 years and that’s the reason he acted as if he was interested in her and captured her. But everything went wrong and while Rama came to revolt against him and during war when he had lost everything, his brother asked him to tell the truth to Rama so that he may understand him and drop the war. But he replied..” I lost everything, I lost my senate and I lost everything now I don’t want to plead for mercy. Whatever is yet to happen let it happen.” This was his words and he bravely went to the war and lost his life…


Thus from this it is clear that for any act that is going to happen or that has been taken place.. there is a hidden truth behind it.

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