Rapes and Their Kinds

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We hear a lot about rape now a days, and its increasing day by day, in spite of the punishments which are enforced to stop Rapes. We just know Rapes are rapes, but there are different types of rapes. Rapes can be categorized based on the situation and the relationship between the victim and the Rapist. The Rapes are categorized below.

  1. Anger Rapist
  2. Power Rapist
  3. Sadistic Rapist
  4. Date Rape
  5. Gang Rape
  6. Spousal Rape
  7. Rape of Children
  8. Prison Rape
  9. War Rape
  10. Rape by Deception
  11. Corrective Rape

Anger Rape Here the aim of the rapist is to show his anger somehow. The rapist tortures the victim, humiliates her, hurt the victim to the core, and then spoil her life and then make her a waste piece of paper. The rapist shows the anger for the victim through violence and language. They hurt the victim physically. For these rapists, sex is the weapon to spoil the purity and appearance of the victim, they also degrade the victim and then express their anger through anger. They consider rape as the ultimate weapon to spoil the victim and to show their anger against the victim. Anger rape brings out the brutal behavior of the person, here there is more physical force than that would be necessary to have the upper hand during the penetration. Anger rape consist of therapist hitting the victim, knocking the victim down to the ground, tearing their clothes of and then raping her like an animal. The main motive of the rapist is to show his anger. anger Power Rapist For these Rapist, the way to express their underlying feeling of inadequacy and feeds their issues of control, mastery, authority, strength and capability is through Rape. The motive of the Rapist is to show their competency. This type of Rapist use verbal threats, weapons, and only uses necessary power to subdue the victim. Rapist of this category will tend to have certain fantasies. These types of rapist enjoy their doing and they have a feeling that even if initially the victim opposes, eventually she will enjoy the rape. The rapist will believe that the victim has enjoyed the rape and then he may even ask her for a date. The rapist from this category will commit rapes in a series until he is satisfied his performance or the victim is satisfied. These types of rapes are common in United States. power Sadistic Rapes The Rapist has certain concept of raping so that the aggression and the inflation are brought out. The rapist enjoys in the pain of the victim. The rapes are done to victims who are not good at character or do any malpractices intentionally, the rapist enjoys the pleasure from the victims anguish, torment, suffering and helplessness. He enjoys in the suffering of the victim. Sadistic rapes involve prolonged torture and restraint, or even ritualistic qualities. The rapist may focus on the sexual parts of the victim and then may use weapons to hurt those parts, and then injure or abuse those parts. The main targets of the Rapist are Prostitutes. The offender may be in disguise and may cover their faces and attack the victim. The victim will not survive the attack as the Sadistic rapist may attain his satisfaction in murdering the victim. sadistic Date Rape The term date rape means the rapes done by acquaintances and the victims close ones. They intoxicate the victim and then when the victim becomes incapable to move or defend the doing, the rape is done. This is also known as DFSA (Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault) or incapacitated rape. DFSA is when the rapist intentionally attacks the victim by intoxicating him/her while the acquaintance rape can take place without intoxication. Acquaintance rape an occur between friends, two people who are already dating and have already had sex before, and between two people who are starting to date. They victims of these rapes are school friends, co-workers, relatives, teachers, friends and other acquaintance. This is also known as Hidden Rape and is increasing with the popularity of the western culture. A survey conducted by United States showed that one in four colleges, women have being experiencing rape or attempt to rape. Mainly college girls are affected by Date Rape. date Gang Rape Gang rape is when a group of people rapes a single person. Here 2 or more people are involved in the rape. A survey showed that the offenders and the victim are young in age, and they involve the use of drug, severe sexual assault, night attacks, and use of weapon to abuse the victim. Here the victim will not have the resistivity to withstand the attack. The victim will have severe injuries because the gang rape will nearly kill the victim, and lead to suicide. The victim will seek police assistance and therapy than those victims of individual rapes. gang Spousal Rape This is also known as Husband rape, partner rape. This occurs between couple who are married. The outcome of the rape is more severe than the strange rape. The victim will have long lasting Trauma and will live in fear. Rape of Children Rapes of children is increasing, it is the abuse of small children who have not reached their 18 years of age. When the child is raped by relatives, it can lead to long term trauma, while when a child is not raped by relatives but by a caretaker such as a teacher, van driver, or anyone who the child is dependant will also lead to the outcome similar to incest rape. child Prison Rape Prison rape is a rape which is done by the guards on the Prisoners. The rate of prison rape in US is between 3 to 12%. Prison rape is commonly between people of same sex, as there is partition in the prisons. The attacker is mostly another inmate. There is a replica of a Kurdish girl in a prison in Amna Sur Museum in Sulaymaniyah, who was raped by the security guards very often and the girl gave birth to a child in the prison. The image is shown below. Amna Sur Museum-Kurdish girl War Rapes War rapes are done by the soldiers or civilians during the war or a conflict. It also includes a situation where the girls are forced into prostitution by the ruling powers. These rapes are done to demoralize ad humiliate the enemy during the war. The Rapes are done with the permission of the Head and the leaders allow the military soldiers to rape the civilians. War rape was considered as a criminal offence only in the year 1949. war rape Rape by Deception Here the rapist makes the victim to accept for the doing by means of fraud or negative means. Corrective Rape Corrective rapes are rapes which are done against non-heterosexual as a punishment when they violate gender rules. Here the Gay or Lesbians perform the rape against the other in order to how their superiority. The rapes are performed to make the person come in the correct track and to live according to the society norms.

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