Does She Really have an Upper Hand?

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Every scholar, every theorist, every layman is occupied with the placement of societies on an evolutionary scale. Today we live in an apparently modern society, with an urbanized outlook and an accommodating approach. Discrimination are claimed to have been ended and inequalities removed. Justice is provided to all as opportunism is decidedly a tackled subject. But the question arises here, are we really in a state of betterment?

They say women have an upper hand in the work-sphere with their short skirts and high heels; small blouses and long lashes; tight attires and loose character. Well, to each one of you who claims so and agrees to such a system, I ask you, what is the percentage of females that amount to this category? A mere 15-20% of the nation. How about taking a look at the rest 80% and then complaining? May be there is an equivalent allocation of resources now and may be there is an to carry the opportunities to even the corners now. But how can you expect that woman to just rise up to touch the sky, when all she has ever seen is the thatched roof of the four walls that she has been confined to? How do you expect her to wake up and just step into the shoes of a Miranda Priestly of her office when all she has been trained for, is to act out the role of Mother India? How do you imagine her sitting atop the hierarchy when she has been subject to years of oppression? How do you declare that they suddenly have an upper hand with their short skirts and high heels when for years, they have been hiding behind that ‘purdah’ to maintain the respect of their patriarchal families? How do you testify against their small blouses and long lashes when they have lived in times of being punished for applying make-up? How do you work up the cheek to comment on their attire and consequential character when it is the first time that they have gotten a chance to shape their own self and state who they really are?

It is a tough journey. Traversing up from the bunkers to the top of the hill. All the women have known, are shackles of a society captivated by the ideology of the alpha male. All they have been exposed to, is the subordinate position they hold in respect to their husbands or father or brothers. All they have been taught, is how to work under the males of the family and obey to every instruction they give out. It is but natural then, that if one fine day, you show them light, they might not even see it as anything more than a streak of lightning on a rainy day. You have to understand where they are coming from, to help them come up. Building the ladder is not all, teach them how to climb up. They have to be shown how to cross each and every step there and that, at the top, there is also a slide down. But you can get around and reach back up, this time with more care and caution. They are like children coming into the world for the first time. Learning everything afresh and from scratch. They don’t know competition, that its a rat’s race out there, that you have to be a shark to survive. While you step out from dominating your household to manipulating your colleagues, she is stepping out to face the realism of it all for the first time. While you work upon your skills of push and pull, she learns that she too possesses some skills. While you walk around, gaining brownie points with the confidence, she tries to inculcate a level of self-belief, looking for some self-worth within.

You get the point. It isn’t easy walking this path. No cakewalk. Not everybody would be willing to give up the life they’ve been familiar to, and face the gruesome underlying truth behind it. Encourage the ones who dare to. Pat their backs who surprise you. Soak in the awe created by those who surpass every expectation. Before making claims and before filing accusations, get your facts right. Know what you are talking about. Know the history and its entailment. Be stricter with yourself and cut them some slack. If you respect yourself and if you believe in your power, give them a fair chance, not just at the surface of it. Build an environment where they can fight you back and keep you on your toes. What gives you the right to sit and just pass those remarks while they struggle to understand that it is finally time for them to live what they had been dreaming of? What kind of satisfaction do you feel when you come home after a day’s work knowing that there’s an entire GENDER of the society that you have eliminated from the show? Does it really make you feel better, push your ego? Does it not demean your capabilities? Does it not humiliate your potential? Does it not remind you of your incompetency to include this other ‘second sex’ in the run?

They might have short skirts. You have years of experience. They can wear high heels. You have calculated moves. Their blouses are short and tight. Your mind is full of traps and devious ploys. They have a loose character? Tell me now, how are you any better?

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