Reasons why our mother is the best person in our lives

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Our world revolves around our mothers. In times of joy and sorrow, she is the one we can turn to without fear of being judged. Many psychologists refer to mothers as shadows of their children because they stick around them through thick and thin. She is a child’s first and most faithful friend and remains so as long as she lives. She acts as an anchor for her child when he/she finds themselves amidst adversity and darkness. During trying times, it is her sound and wise advice which enables the child to come out of his/her misery. She is the one who keeps encouraging her child to push his/her limits in order to bring out the best in him/her. She is also the one who acts as a rock support to her child during stressful situations. She laughs in our happiness and sheds tears in our sorrow. She is without doubt the most important individual in our lives. Here we explore a few reasons as to why our mother is the best person in our lives-

  1. A child is the apple of his/her mother’s eyes: Irrespective of how unsure a girl/boy is of their looks, all they need to do in order to boost their morale is to ask their mother for her opinion. A child is the most adorable thing for a mother and hence it is irrelevant how the child actually looks. To a mother, her child is no less than prince charming/Cinderella. We can always turn to our mother for her opinion when stuck in a war over our looks. She is sure to clear off all our doubts with her reassurance.
  2. The sacrifices she makes for us- Inevitably we all have come upon some instances where our mother puts us before herself. The unwavering smile, she had put on her face through all the sacrifices she made for us, touched our hearts the most. The innumerable times when she sacrificed her share of morsel in order to feed her child, the sleepless nights she spent in order to be there by the side of her studying/ailing child, the suppression of her wishes and desire in order to fulfil her child’s desire; these are only few examples of the sacrifices that our mothers make for us in our everyday life. She sacrifices her freedom and will even without a second thought in order to be there by our side because helping us through each phase of our lives is the most important and sacred thing to her.
  3. A mother is a child’s best friend- There is a weird and special connection that exists between a mother and child. Some call it telepathy. Mothers always have a way to gauge her child’s mood even without being told about it. She senses our moods better than anyone else and rushes to be by our side in trying and stressful situations. She is the only individual who listens to our troubles patiently without being judgemental and then offers us her advice to put us out of our misery. The relationship between a child and his/her mother is that of selfless love, trust and understanding. A mother does not expect anything in return for the love she bestows upon her child. She is there for us even when our closest of friends desert us. She brings out the best in us as she always has our best interest at heart. A mother is a friend for life.
  4. A mother is the world’s best cook for her child- Every child agrees that there is magic in their mother’s hand. They almost love any dish prepared by their mother. The biggest worry of a child leaving home for higher education is that he/she will not be able to enjoy the meal prepared by their mother. After a long day’s work, it is the food cooked by our mother that eases away the worries and tension of the day. No matter how expensive a restaurant we eat in, it is the food cooked by our mother that tugs the chord of our heart.
  5. A mother is a child’s first teacher- Every child acknowledges the fact that their mother is the first and the best teacher that they encounter in their lives. The patience with which she delivers the essential lessons of life is commendable. She accepts the challenge of instilling the best qualities in her child without even a flinch. She patiently holds her child’s hand and guides him/her step by step through the entire learning process. She is the one who teaches us our first legible syllables as well as the morals and values which help us face the many challenges of life with confidence. It is the teachings of our mother which helps us establish ourselves as better and successful individuals in this world. She succeeds in imparting education to us with an ease which is not even found in teachers at school because she is the one who knows us the best.
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