Reasons why women are better bosses than men

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No matter how hard we try there are certain things we cannot afford to bypass in our daily life, one of them being, the battle of sexes. This battle has brought us to reconsider the stereotype roles that we assign to women. Recent studies have showed that women tend to make better leaders than men. Although men around the world still hold majority of the leadership positions, women are moving fast to prove to one and all that they are better suited for the role of leaders than their male counterparts. Here we are going to explore few of the reasons which support this notion that women are better suited to the role of leaders:

  1. Better communicators- Listening, is a great art and forms an essential part of communication. It is observed that women tend to be better listeners as compared to men. Employees always want a leader who is a patient listener, who will be ready to hear out their grievances as well as acknowledge their point of view. Similarly customers want to interact with people who will be ready to empathize with their various problems. A person who is a better communicator is successful in establishing a better relationship with his subordinates based on trust and understanding. This form of relationship is essential for the smooth running of an enterprise. Men tend to communicate more through their activities rather than through communication with their subordinates because they are always ready to take action rather than indulge in discussions as oppose to women. This makes women leaders a more preferable choice among the employees.
  2. Better community builders- In this modern age, the traditional authoritarian alpha male leaders are slowly but effectively being replaced by beta leaders, that is, those who have learnt to lead the enterprise through the influence that is achieved from collaborating rather than going head first into competition. Women leaders are better at generating a consensus among the employees rather than dictating or commanding the employees about the course of action to be followed. This is the reason that beta leaders, that is, those who are capable of building cooperative relationships are seen to have a higher success rate as compared to the traditional alpha leaders. This trait of building cooperative collaboration seems to be missing in male leaders, which is resulting in their eventual downfall.
  3. Stronger business ethics- A great deal of ethical choices are involved in the process of running a business enterprise. More than often the leaders are forced to experience their backs up against the wall, that is, they are pushed to the edge which makes them break their own standard set of ethics in order to make ends meet. A strong moral code needs to be in place in order to ensure that the leaders are always ready to face these challenges and guarantee the efficient running of the enterprise. This is the reason why women turn out to be effective managers because they have an inbuilt sense of ethics which enables them to take into consideration the rights of all their subordinates so as to make a sound and fair decision. This is in contrast to male leaders who fail to take everyone’s view and opinions into consideration to reach a fair judgement and are also often seen to break under pressure to violate ethical code being followed in the enterprise.
  4. Greater patience- It is observed that women leaders are able to handle employee related issues with much more patience as compared to male leaders. They rarely take impulsive decisions or jump into foolhardy actions by drawing conclusions on the basis of incomplete facts and knowledge. Women are always ready to wait as long as it takes to obtain the desired result. In order to establish a business successfully, a long period of time is required which can range from a minimum of seven to ten years. Only those who patiently take small steps while keeping in mind their ultimate goal will be able to come out as champions in their endeavours. This patience is a great virtue found in most women leaders which reinstate the fact that women tend to be better suited for leadership as compared to men.
  5. Better at motivating employees- Women leaders are better at gauging the emotions of their employees and hence are better at deciding as to what exactly will act as the best motivator for her employees. It is a well known fact that the more the employees feel passionately about the enterprise and its product, the more dedication they will show in their work. Women leaders realize it soon enough that the best way to make an enterprise run successfully is to create an employee base of fiercely loyal and dedicated individuals by keeping them motivated through the required incentives. This makes them better leaders than men who mostly fail to realize or acknowledge the emotions of their employees and hence fail to provide them with the best suited incentives to keep them motivated.

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  • officiallysamik

    i agree to the point you are making on good listeners and caring nature but the question of ethics can be argued as ethics is a value that varies from person to person. And unless we are trying to establish the ethics in the women who are going to make leaders – it is unfair to make that judegement because women are also known to be decisive when time comes. as for the time when the question of electing a leader comes – I think we should always put on handing the baton over to the right person than fighting between if a man should get it or a woman.