Don’t Make the Victim The Convict: Help Recover Rape Trauma

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When a person is raped, there are strong chances of submission to depression . The victim usually withdraws from the outside world. The chances will speak of suicidal nature and a sense of disgust for self from within. Mostly, the victim will keep from the world just to be alone and out of public view. More often than not people refrain from speaking to the victim in fear of hurting her/him. However, it is only unfair for a victim to lead the life of a convict. Here are some tips to help the rape victims to recover from the trauma and live like they deserve to, at par with everyone around.

  1. Recovering from Rape: When you are a victim, you will not know how to feel normal and the emotional pain of rape with haunt you always. Here are some tips to recover from rape.
  2. Physically: Some people will not like to go to police and make it a public issue, so please go to a doctor and test for any injuries and for sexually transmitted disease. The victim will like to sit under shower for hours, before showering go to the doctor and collect some evidence so that you can convict your rapist. Even if you don’t wish to charge your rapist right away, you may charge him later. Don not throw or wash the clothes you were wearing during the rape. Place it in a plastic bag and take them to the police.
  3. Emotionally: One out of 33 men and one out of six women have been victim of rape. There can be lot of emotions such as fear, confusion, anger, humiliation, depression, numbness, guilt, and shame. These are however unpleasant feeling but normal. This rape was not your fault at all; you did not pull him towards you. Shame is common among rape victims, and they may feel that they are responsible for the rape. It’s not true; the person who committed the rape is responsible. It may take some time to recover from that thought and rebuild trust in other people. Yes it shatters trust on other people, but like anything else it may take time even. You have to tell this to someone whom you believe because keeping them bottled inside will make things even worse.
  4. Mentally: Recovering from rape is difficult and will take time but you can certainly do so. It may take some time and don’t hesitate to ask help from others. Go to a counselor or a therapist, there is no shame in asking for help. You have to do so and build up courage to face the world.
  5. Support: Try and join a support group of victims, it may be soothing to be with someone who can understand your feelings. Ditch anyone who is not taking you seriously and is trying to play you down, listening to those garbage will only make you feel worse. You may lose your courage when you are raped and will feel unsafe. It may make you feel that you are not brave enough and would like o hide from everyone and stay safe. Don’t hesitate to ask help from your friend or loved one to accompany you, when you are going out again…
  6. Help someone recover from rape: There are certain things you can tell your loved ones who have been victims and certain things which you cannot say,
  7. Right after sex: Encourage her to go to a doctor and take proper medical attention for STD’s or pregnancy. And also encourage your friend to report the rape but do not pressurize. If your friend does not want to report, then respect their decision.
  8. Shortly After rape: Listen to your friend. He or she may try to go over and over the assault and replay it in their mind, listen, listen, listen to your friend without any judgment. Make them clear that they are not responsible for the assault, and work this out as soon as he or she tries to work out, why she was a victim. Make her sure that you will be always with her, no matter her situation and state.
  9. Long term after rape: If your friend is not able to recover from rape even after long time, try suggesting her to go to a counselor. When a person is raped, they won’t be able to take decisions on their own, so make them clear that all these emotions are normal and they have to come out of it fast. Make them feel they are safe and make them participate in regular activities. When time moves, make them take their own decisions, don’t ever over charge on them and spoil their way to empowerment.
  10. Things to say to a pare Victim:

I believe You

It’s not your fault.

How can I help you?

Would you like me to find a support group?

You can talk to me at any time.

I am here if u don’t want to talk.

You are not alone.

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  1. Things not to tell a rape victim: Sometimes even elder people can say the wrong thing to the victims and make their feeling even worse.

Were you drunk?

What were you wearing?

It’s your fault.

Why aren’t you getting over this faster?

You are wallowing.

You were leading him on.

That wasn’t rape.

You are over reacting.

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These are some of the thing that we, from our side can provide to our loved ones, so when a person is raped, never pressurize them, instead be with them and do the needy.


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