Redefining coolness

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Back in the day, about even ten years or so ago, being ‘cool’ meant being somewhat sensible in any quantifiable way, mostly of positivity when you made someone feel awe-inspired or impressed someone for the most part. I include the word ‘sensible’ because what ‘coolness’ is as of now does not allow one to clearly comprehend the sensibility of the matter, and is almost entirely the opposite.

In the recent past that now sounds like a little millennium away, being cool usually meant to impress that pretty girl across the street, or impress your fellow mate at school or work to secure a date night out, or trying to make a good impression on your yet-to-be-significant-other’s family. There were of course many other things to term and define coolness in the society, and all of the past coolness involved a high sense of soberness.

That would sum it up quite a bit; to say that today’s definition of coolness would mean to say that society accepts drunken behavior as a healthy one.Though this sentence might have got the reader in a little twist, it might also make for an understandable statement.

There are some instances most of us would have noticed a lot, that we would have done ourselves, or laughed at others doing it, though all the while we’d have this tiny voice inside telling us that its actually stupid for whatever it is worth. Here are some of the major ones that are so very wrongly convicted to be cool and accepted widely in today’s trending populace:

→ The first one is classic and common from since long ago: shades. It doesn’t matter what brand they are, or what type really. Sometimes, it don’t matter even if that person has actually stolen their grandparent’s post-cataract surgery ones. All that seems to matter is a pair of glasses, black in color.

What was once invented to keep out the raging sun’s glare from the eyes is now merely an instrument of showing off. It used to be, and is so even now for many to wear them with famed monuments in the backdrop, and to pose for pictures. But oh no, it’s very cool to wear shades be it a day with no sun or in the dead of the night, and it should be unquestionable. Of course, I’m sarcastic! The reader is perhaps strongly advised to question their sense of coolness if they mentally agreed to this with not noticing the underlying tone of sarcasm.

Shades DO make up an integral factor of positive coolness, but sometimes, they definitely do not.

→ Goa was once an exotic destination given it has influence of the westernized Anglo-Indians. But one would think that Goa is just a stone’s throw away given how many people are found to go there in almost a blink.

There would be people few in number wanting to revel in Goa’s natural, traditional and customary things, and many more going there only to pose for pictures in weird stances, to party and to drink themselves off to the point of draining. And yes, most go there to catch glimpses, or openly ogle at the bikini-clad ‘babes’ there. And by party, it would mean to only drink more and revel in the unearthly delights the illegal drugs would bring. How is any of this any cool?

→ Malls are a little old in India, but always seem to be a new concept for many. A mall is primarily a place where many shops confluent to make retail shopping a pleasant experience for the customer with pleasing views of the carefully planned beautiful building. Nah, that is just what it used to be. Malls are mostly destinations that deem the goer’s status as ultra cool. Not to buy things, but to even sit around, pose for photographs against the railings or store windows, or simply go to and sit around is totally fine.There are many with a side-sense of being a hooligan at behaving at malls or other public places and at many times, this is also considered to be cool. But oh no, this is not written to say that doing all this wrong. But when actually looked at, what part of this would one accept to be cool, please?

The last two are quite epic and almost the ones everyone could relate to and I’m saving it for the end.

→ All of us have done this and felt wondrous while actually doing it. Sometimes, there would have been innocent little contests as to who would be more successful than the other, and the outstanding student at this would be deemed cool for a while till the rage would die down. Oh yes, I’m talking about slandering and ridiculing and making fun of the teachers, with them being clueless of it, of course. Bunking classes steals away a top-notch position, too! I agree that this is fine as long as its within limit for I can relate to it, too.

But there is always a limiting to it just like everything else. Bunking classes is actually unadvisable; missing academics means missing grades, and grades are that which seem to determine students’ very life in the current situation of how the scene of education goes about in India.

→ Lastly, but of COURSE not being the least of anything to beat it out, the Facebook phenomena takes the top of the ladder at the cool fad. All the above points are constant trends and what backs them up with more enthusiasm and support is the response they gather when posted on Facebook.

The number of likes, comments and shares that the post garners is very pivotal to defining the very status of people, with not just underlining their ‘coolness’. I’ve finished the Facebook write-out a little too short for what is there to be said when just about everyone knows about what I’m trying to say here? When one talks about Facebook, its almost understandable that the rest is already understood and is self-explanatory.

With all that is said and done, it would not take much time for one to look back and reflect a little on what they think is righteous, moral or at the very least, if it is ‘cool.’

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