Is reservation for women required in the modern world?

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Twenty first century has brought with it a dramatic change in the role of women all around the world. From being a non-entity, women all across the world have been able to establish their worth and identity and have been successful in creating an impact through their work. Modern day women are no longer associated only with the age-old traditional role of housewives, mothers and reproducers. They have proved beyond doubt that they are perfectly capable of rocking the cradle as well as work hand in hand with the man of the house to improve the living standards of her family. In spite of proving their worth in every aspect of life and making it relevant that they are second to none, our male dominated society still hold the perception that their wives are meant to serve and obey them. Thus arise the question, that, in such a time where women are matching every step of a man and are not lagging behind in worth in any domain, do they require reservation to secure respectable positions in the society. This is an issue which demands a second thought.

We reside in such a country where a majority of the women from the rural areas still continue to be illiterate and suppression of their dreams and wishes and oppression by their husbands seems to be the order of their daily lives. Since their early childhood days, the family members of these women try to instil values of obedience to their man irrespective of the circumstances which prevail upon them. They are taught to bear all forms of torture that is meted out to them and are advised never to stand up for their rights or displease their man for fear of being left by the man. These women depend upon their husbands to provide them a bearable standard of living which includes daily meals but at the cost of bearing everything with sealed lips. In order to bring a change in the livelihood of these oppressed women we are moved to feel that reservation is required because as long as the reins of the society continue to be in the hands of the man, improving the living standards of such women seems to be an impossible dream.

Our country is not all bad and no good. In contrast to the oppressed rural women, we also reside in a country which has given us strong willed and dedicated leaders like Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Rani Lakshmibai and many more. These women were those who stood up for their rights and refused to live under the shadow or umbrella of protection of their husband or father. These women proved their worth and mettle in their respective struggles and came out triumphant as champions with flying colours in all their endeavours. These women left their mark on history without having demanded for any form of reservation of seats for them. They came out as prominent figures during an era where women were looked down upon to a greater extent by man than present times. They shouldered the responsibilities with courage and did not look towards others for support or help. Instead these women pushed their limits at every step in order to achieve their goals and serve the nation. It was their undaunted courage and strong willed spirit which helped them break free of the prejudices, prevalent in our society, in order to make a place for themselves in this world.

In present times, the number of such strong willed and dedicated women is increasing. They are ready to break free of the numerous shackles that society places upon them. In this modern age, women are always ready to work as hard as it takes to make a place for herself but in spite of all the hard work, they are more than often denied promotions or the deserved acknowledgement as compared to their male counterparts. It is not the reservation of seats that is required by these women. Instead, all that these women require is a fair chance to prove their worth in their endeavours and the assurance of security and just treatment in all aspects of their life. This assurance will help women come out of their shells in order to challenge the oppressed life they have been leading so far and stand up for their rights. Numerous cases of sexual harassment of women at work places are reported everyday whereas many such cases go unnoticed. The torture that women are put through, both physical and mental, of being considered inferior to their male counterparts is what needs to be abolished and this cannot be achieved through any form of reservation. Reservation does nothing but hamper the chances of meritorious students from succeeding in life. Women of today do not require any recommendation or reservation to prove their mettle. They are sure to come out with flying colours in every aspect of their lives only through a little encouragement from the society. They need to be treated as equals and not as inferiors who require petty reservations to make a place in this world. It is time we accept the fact that the hand that rocks the cradle is also capable of shaping her own life in a manner worthy of being respected without special favours being bestowed on her for her gender.


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  • officiallysamik

    the last paragraph – nicely written. that is exactly what I wanted to read. :)