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‘Reservation’, this word is familiar to everybody, and so much more familiar to college students like me. Being a first year student the impact of reservation in colleges is still fresh in my mind, but before I talk about my views and my take on reservation, I would like to explain a bit about reservation, the current system and its technicalities, because for a commoner its effects are known but not its specification.
It’s the process of setting aside a certain percentage of seats aside for under- represented communities in government institutions, in order to serve them with equality. There are three basic groups that get reservations-SC(schedule casts), ST (schedule tribe) and OBC (other backward class) and all of them together hold 49.5%of seats in government institutions.
Well I personally don’t appreciate reservation, I don’t disapprove of it totally it but I feel it has major flaws, flaws that hinder its main objective of equality. The basic goal of reservation I s to provide the backward classes with equal opportunities, but does it serve them with this? In the process of reserving seats for them they ignore two things-firstly they themselves differentiate them from the others and secondly they place the general category at a disadvantage.
Firstly they should not be given specific names-SC, ST, OBC because they are simply in minority and nothing else, when they are treated differently or rather specially, when they are specifically categorized, all this makes them feel out of place.
reservation creates a sense of complex in both the categories –the reserved category develop inferiority complex because due to reservations they get into places where otherwise they couldn’t have (due to eligibility criterion) and the general category develop a sense of superiority because they achieve those position at merit and nothing else. Initially every community is equal but when such strata are created sue to reservation this difference comes into the mind of even those who otherwise wouldn’t have thought of it.
The college and course I have had a very cut-off for entrance but for the reserved people it was significantly less. I am not a bias or discriminating person, I don’t care about such things because these differences don’t exist for me, but still for once this thing clicked in my mind, I felt as if I am superior in terms of my merit, as if they are privileged, as if they should not be given special treatment, and that they should have worked as hard as me to get what I got. Jealousy is the feeling that I get because if I would have got reservation ,getting into the college of my preference would have been a piece of cake for the case of reservation merit is simply ignored or not given the position it deserves, that is a major flaw with this process.
But leaving my selfishness behind I do get that reservation is required to motivate and enable these communities to develop but I feel there should be certain limits to it. Those backward people who are no more ‘backward’ should not exploit these reservations, this should be for those who actually need it, otherwise the cream would just accumulate with them and the majority would be the new minority.

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