Revolutionary Nari.

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I know this girl who carries Swiss knife for her protection every where she goes. She says, “We cannot stop living out of fear but we can sure be bold enough and face it”. Once I had to go out late at night around 10:30pm to get some medicines. It so happened that the medical store closest to my society was closed so I had to walk a few minutes. On my way I saw two drunk men creating a scene outside a bar, I increased my pace but in the opposite direction. I thought the medicines can wait until morning but I need to reach home fast, that scared I was.

Imagine if someone taps on your shoulder when you already are fretting and you see no one when you turn around. Just then this laughter erupts from beside you and you turn to see the source and come face to face with an old friend of yours. Huh! Relief, placing your hand on your erratic beating heart you scold him to be so stupid and tell him that you were already scared about the whole ‘outside the bar’ scenario and then suddenly he taps on your shoulder which makes you feel that there was some drunkard following you. He then poses the question, “what if it really was a drunkard instead of him?” The answer to this question was obvious and I am sure most of the girls would have answered what I did, I said,” I would have screamed probably and then would leave it on crowd to handle him”. But what he told me after that was like an eye opener to me. He said, “Why leave it on crowd? You should first turn around and slap him because once crowd gets him you won’t get a chance.”

So true he was. We have trained our minds in a way that we are dependent on others for our protection and getting that tag of ‘weaker sex’ in the process. We think we are safe only when a male is accompanying us be it father, brother or a friend. I don’t mean to say that gathering the crowd is wrong or the male company isn’t beneficial or that it does not give us security. But we can learn the basic defense tricks to protect ourselves too. You don’t always need to be strong, being witty will suffice. The power of our scream is great but don’t underestimate the power of those hands wearing bangles and the legs supported by heels. If those hands can make a meal they can even scrape a face and if those legs got you so far in life they will support you to stand tall too.

Now there are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to taking the predator first hand-

  • Not everyone has pepper spray but females are good at finding alternatives aren’t they? You can keep red chili powder or the green chilies because even when green chilies are broken into two and rubbed between your fingers those fingers can give someone momentary blindness.
  • Where can you hit the ‘iron man’? most sensitive areas are the groin (obviously), but you can also target his eyes with your thumbs and push them, you can punch his nose (even though the knuckles might hurt later but it is totally worth it), you can also sling your fist below his ears on his neck (that will make him leave your hand if he is holding it) and then you can target the knee and its backside (which will make him lose his balance).
  • If your hand is in his grip try to move it towards the point where his thumb and other fingers connect because that is the weakest point of his grip.
  • Never leave the primary crime scene, if he says to go with him, do not move because if you go with him on his promise to not harm you, you might lose the only chance to escape.
  • And what if it’s just staring? You can say,” I don’t know you but I see you are staring at me, is there anything you need from me?” be as loud as you can while you say this. Which will attract people’s attention and the traitor might just go his own way. You can also give him a hard stare the one you often give when you are angry it will force him to look down.
  • Keep your keys in between your fingers supporting its head; it can be used as a good weapon.
  • Be aware while you are on street because targets are mostly the ones lost in lala land.
  • When you are hailing a rickshaw or a cab message its number to your friend and pretend that you are talking on your phone and specify the number that you have messaged in the local language. So the drivers will ensure you reach your destination safely.
  • Leave your hair open because tied hair is easy to catch and drag you along with.
  • Lastly, keep your eyes and mind open. Don’t underestimate your power to protect yourself.


Let the term “ablanari” go for a toss as we revolutionize.


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