Ross Geller & Female Respect

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Ross Geller, the funny man of the decade, the man of controversies and upheavals, the man of broken marriages and angry women. The man who does all that he can to make the people around him happy. These are his distinct character traits that define him. In short, Ross Geller is the symbolism of an excellent husband.


He’s the perfect man. Or very near to it, by definition and I’ve used the word ‘man’ way too many times so I’ll try to stop now.  There are lists of things about him that make him as brilliant as he is. It’s his inherent traits that make him the man he is both inside and out. Most often we see men who ill-treat women just because they can. But Ross Geller is the exact opposite. Even though he’s been married enough times to take advantage of the institution itself, he’s loyal to it and loves to be married.


He’s an excellent father. The way he is around Ben, his first child with his lesbian wife Susan, and the way he adores Emma to death is evident of the fact that he is fantastic. His protective nature and his superlative skills in parenting are to note as worthy. In the episode where he tries to teach his son the importance of Hanukkah, his emphasis on his tradition is over-ridden by his child’s love for Christmas. In the end, he lets his son have his way. My favourite is the episode where he and his son get together to prank Rachel Green once she tells Ben a few ways to prank his own father.
He’s very romantic. That’s true no matter how much one tries to deny it. His perfect wedding scenario as described in the episode where Rachel and he lie about being married for the sake of their unborn child is mind-blowingly romantic. It makes us all swoon for the man he is and for the love he’s capable of giving, genuinely, instead of for the sake of getting something in return. That’s another thing about him. He’s least selfish. When compared to the rest of the gang, he’s down to earth and much grounded, almost always putting others’ needs ahead of his own. Especially Rachel’s.


He can’t flirt. This is especially highlighted in the episode where he likes the cute pizza girl but makes an utter fool of himself and then calls it ‘flirting’. It’s hilarious but also so very sweet and adorable. The fact that he can’t flirt makes him even more accessible and is an added guarantee that he will be very loyal for the plain fact that he’s incapable of getting another woman, especially one who is into the whole flirting thing.
He’s a palaeontologist. That’s such a cool job, it really is. It’s a steady one with a good pay out of doing something that most people don’t possess the qualifications to do. It’s informative and interesting though none of the other characters agree. They especially poke fun and laugh when he calls himself “Dr.” Ross Geller though I think his job is equally cool, if not more. He gets to hang around historic artefacts the whole day and then earn a huge chunk of money that most people with more boring jobs than his don’t even earn half of. I think he’s a role model for the kind of work line he’s chosen.


He’s funny and mature. That’s a very good combination, where a man is intellectually on a higher woman than his female counterpart and also has the ability to make her laugh. There are few things sexier than that in my opinion for sure. Most men are so caught up in their own insecurities that they fail to even try to impress the others. But Ross Geller is eternally smart and lovely to be around, with his facts and jokes and awkwardness.


He’s all the good stuff. First off, he’s practical. He’s the no nonsense guy who knows what he wants out of life and is sure about his goals. Secondly, he’s supportive.  Be it his wives (Yes, that’s plural because he’s been married thrice so far) or his sister,  he’s always there for them and is protective about their feelings. This is specially highlighted in the “Unagi” episode. Thirdly, he’s loving. His empathy and love towards his friends and family is very sweet and probably the most respectful way to be towards the women in his life. Fourthly, he’s loyal. He’s not the cheating Kind, where he sleeps around just for the sake of it. He genuinely loves Rachel throughout the ten seasons and that love is most definitely evident. Lastly, he’s a wonderful brother. This is portrayed by the fact that he loves her enough to try to make her feel better in the episode where all her stuff is burnt or in the episode where he tries to get his parents’ attention off him and on her instead.

So, there it goes. Five down, one remaining. Keep an eye out.  Joey Tribbiani is yet to arrive.

But about Ross Geller, I’d marry him any day!


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