Rough-and-tumble faced by WOMEN in India

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Women in India face a lot of hassle such as rape, eve teasing, harsh behaviour by her partner and diverse car in their lifetime. They are treated as if they are not good for anything and the only thing that women could do without a question from anyone was to give birth. They were thought to be a machine which could only give birth to children, maybe that is why, India’s population grew so much. Even in those times, she had the right, she deserved, but was not allowed to enjoy it. Constitution of India is playing a major role in planting women empowerment in the minds so that they get to know about the rights that they deserve. Here are some of the rough-and-tumble faced by women in India.

Female Foeticide is an act which is being followed by the ancient. It means, aborting a female fetus. This hassle goes up to the ancient times when the dowry system even claimed the lives of many. So many families started killing female children as soon as they are born or even go with female foeticide. This is the principal reason of higher male ratio. Women are treated as a second-grade product and also are not given the mandatory respect and right that are given to them by the constitution. Punjab ranks number one with the highest number of male lives. These acts are keeping women on the back foot and will prevent them from achieving bigger.


Another act which is maturing within the boys towards the girls or women is Eve-teasing. This act has even claimed the lives of many women in India. Sexual harassment towards a girl in public is known as Eve-teasing. Eve-teasing makes the women feel that they are not secure when they go to college or work. In spite of the laws that are against such acts, men persist in the same routine. Eve-teasing is a punishable crime but now-a-days men have found clever, proof-less ways of harassing women. Indian constitution has put in laws, not only to save Indian women, but also foreigners who visit India. These foreigners are warned not to dress inappropriately due to the deed. However, they are harassed irrespective of what they are wearing. The organizations to save women’s rights are increasing so that they can save every right that a woman in India deserves. The culprit is either jugged or fined for the doing.


The most common and increasing crime against women all over the world is RAPE. It is a flagitious crime against women and it subverts the women right to a great extent. A rape occurs every 54 minutes in India and these cases invariably bring a shock to the society, each time it happens. In 2010 a six year old girl was raped by a school van driver and she was killed brutally. The rapist was encountered. Even after giving the maximum punishment to the rapist, rapes are being carried on. In 2002, 16,373 rape cases and the count have increased to 24,923 in 2013. These numbers are only rapes that are registered in the police’s file, but there are many more rapes that are not registered in the record.  The punishment should be maximized so that next time before a man thinks about the rape, he should remember the punishment. The punishment should be similar to the punishments that are carried out in the Arab countries. Women can also be thought of self defence techniques and also men should know to respect women because they are the backbone of the country.


Dowry is another problem that is prevailing in India. Even after the dowry prohibition act in 1961, this practice is being carried out in some places. Dowry has exacted a number woman’s life and their families. Women are sold as a product to the bridegroom with some jewellers, cash, car, furniture, etc. This is why female foeticide and child killing was taking place in the olden times. It is a financial burden to the bride’s family because dowry is not only given before the marriage but also after the marriage. If the bride’s family doesn’t satisfy the groom’s family with the necessary dowry, they may mistreat the bride. This mistreatment has led to bride burning. Giving or asking for dowry is an illegal activity and also a violation of women’s rights. In the olden days, dowry was the basic ticket for the man to accept the woman. Government of India has worked hard to lessen the act, but enforcing several laws. Kill the dowry system, not the girl child.

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Followed by dowry, is its after effect, Bride Burning. This act is done by the husband or his family members by burning the wife alive because of dowry dissatisfaction. This is the worst crime against women and the government has taken a lot of steps to lessen the activity. The punishment was death sentence or a life sentence. Every year 2500 women are killed by this illegal activity. The dowry prohibition act in 1961 has prohibited claiming of dowry, which obviously reduces bride burning. The law also states that, bride burning in the first seven years of marriage is a crime. This law was modified and enforced in 1983 by closing the loopholes in the previous law. Strong actions by government against these crimes will stop the perpetrators from committing the crime.

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These are some of the ail faced by women in India and these illegal activities have claimed many lives. Government of India has enforced a lot of laws to save women from such activities and to empower them. Let women grow rather than pushing them down.

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