You were rude last night

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The door bell rang on its time, 2:00 a.m she checked the clock beside her bed to confirm. She rubbed her eyes trying to take off the sleep from them in a very subtle manner and then finally got up to open the door. Watching him from the key hole she opened the three locks she would put before going to sleep at 11:30 in the night. He was drunk like every night and she could get that from his breath and the way he walked. She caught hold of his heavy bag and moved to place it on the sofa , he went straight to his room.

you were rude last night

She knew what she had to do so she started boiling water to prepare tea for him along with warming the delicious food. She pondered over the big frame that hung in front of her eyes, enclosing her and the man who just returned home drunk, her husband. She envied the liveliness of the picture, those two happy decorated faces. The picture clearly contradicted her sluggish life. How could things go so much out of hand, she thought to her self. She detested her life now and never had she thought that it would turn out this way with the man she has been in love with for years, the guy she has known all her life. They had been in love ever since they were kids and they knew they would end up being together also because they have always wanted to be together.

The noise from the microwave indicated that the food was warm and ready to be served. She kept the dishes on the dining table and sat on the chair waiting for him. He after a while came out of his room lousily wearing tacky shorts, bare chest. He sat on his chair and started eating while she looked at him with all her love. She had cooked his favorite food and all she waited for or desperately wanted was his words of love and appreciation. Something which makes her happy and sure that he was still in love with her but he did not even look at her.

” I am tired, I am off to sleep ” he finally spoke those words he says every night. Not even waiting for a reply he went into his room. But unlike the usual she sat there only, thinking of saving this relationship in any possible way she could. It was like she was alone in this , like she was the only one trying and making efforts. Not even a year of their marriage and he had changed to this extent. Thoughts strained her mind and then after a while she got numb.

She felt a pull on her shoulder, it was him. ” Can i get some breakfast ? I am getting late ” he said. It was already 9 in the morning and she was late. She had slept there only. Panicked she got up and tying her hair in a bun headed towards the kitchen. She did her daily chores as usual but today she felt really tired , like she had not slept at all last night. She felt heavy. This new morning did not give her any new hope but just routine and sadness. She wanted to talk to him but couldn’t. She just wanted to go away from him for some time, to not see him and be all by herself, alone.

He was having his breakfast and instead of sitting beside him she went into the room and lied down on the bed. Her eyes were wide open and she noticed the fan moving, then she saw his face. ” I am leaving” he said. She did not reply. ” What’s wrong” he asked. She closed her eyes opened them again and then said ” I am leaving too”. ” What do you mean” he asked a bit irritated now. She sat down on her bed and tying her hair back she said ” I need to be alone sometime, I am anyway alone in this house for you are just physically present here, you don’t talk, you don’t say a word and all I do is keep waiting, waiting for your words of love, your words of affection, for your appreciation and for you”. “I…”  he wanted to say something but she continued ” And now I am tired of waiting”.

Tears fell out of her eyes. She had done it, she had finally gathered the courage to say what she felt without the fear of losing him for now she knew it was the other way around. It was him who was losing her. He sat down beside her and asked ” Why are you doing this”? ” Its because you were rude last night and the night before and every last night ever since our marriage ” she said. He had nothing to say , he knew he was wrong but he was not a bad guy and she knew that as well for she had known him. He had just changed for something bad and she intended to change that. He got down on his knees, held her hands and looked into her eyes. ” Do you love me ” ? he asked. She looked back at him and said ” yes”. ” Then please forgive me and don’t leave ” he said a bit scared. She pitied him. The thought of her leaving him scared him too much.

” I promise that this last night will never come in your life again ” he continued with tears in his eyes. She smiled and embraced him.

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