How Safe are We: A Girls Perspective

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The safety of women has always been a question mark since several centuries. Now the issue is much more sensitive since, there are several questions that have been eating away our mind since the last 16 months. India had gone through a night of horror when a 23 year old med student was gang raped by 6 people in a moving chartered bus on the night of 16th December 2012 in the capital. This incident shook India and the world.

The most gruesome part of the incident was not only the gang rape but the physical and mental trauma through which she had to go through other than the rape. This incident had awakened millions of people who fought for the brave daughter who passed away 13 days later in a hospital at Singapore. She was called Nirbhaya-the fearless one.

What has the story of the fearless one teach us?

Our women weren’t safe in the capital of the country around 8:45 PM. If this is the state of women in the capital of the country, then what kind of safety can the other states or graveyard timings promise?

As Nirbhaya fought for life, thousands of people echoed her voice all over the world to bring her justice and to prevent other Nirbhayas from taking birth.

Did Nirbhaya get justice?

In a way yes, Nirbhaya got justice, the criminals were caught and sentenced to death. But, unfortunately the law couldn’t take measures to prevent other Nirbhayas from being born.

Rape is just one kind of crime against women, all over the world women are forced into prostitution by luring them with lucrative jobs and long-lasting love.

According to the stats, after the Nirbhaya case there were 1,330 reported rape cases alone and the unreported list is much longer in India.

These statistics aren’t just confined to India, all over the world we see different kinds of crime against women growing each day in numbers, building up in strength and weakening the spirit of women.

The molestation cases and other crimes against women are altogether a different story.

There was a case of rape of a photojournalist in Mumbai who was gang raped by 4 people in broad daylight near the deserted Shakti Mills area who went there on an assignment with her male colleague. Her colleague was tied with belts while she was raped. This is just a case that came into light. There are hundreds of cases lying in the dark, thousands waiting as files in the courtroom with justice “pending”.

So what answer have courtrooms got? Where has the voice of the millions gone? Where did the light of all the candles vanish? Where has the bird of hope flown away?

Well, the answers to all these questions lie within us. People have lost faith in the law and courts. The answers to these questions should be searched in the society.

What are we doing as a society to fight against rape? What are we teaching our sons? How are we bringing them up? Are we hiding our daughters? Are we telling them not to go out? Is this our evolution after 16 months?

Teach the sons to be good rather than preventing daughters from going out. Teach the sons to respect women rather than teaching a daughter to be submissive. Teach a son to win a woman’s heart rather than forcing her to love him, teach a daughter the difference between a male and gentleman.

Being a male doesn’t mean you can take anything, being a gentleman shows you can win anything.

The right way to tackle this unfortunate scenario is HALLA BOL. All of us have a right to being safe. Nobody has got a right to forcefully do anything with us and we shall have a BEKHAUFF ZINDAGI!!!


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