Our safety is in our own hands

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Being safe is the new big thing nowadays. From being safe from germs, diseases, to being from terror attacks; our human race has seen it all. However, the women of our country have additional credits to be added in their resumes in order to encompass all the things to be safe from. Safety against being raped, safety against being molested, against not being treated fairly, safety against eve-teasing, and the list goes on till that part where all the humans start thinking straight.

We talk about how we are giving women equality by providing them reservations and stuff, but in reality all the added vices haunting the women exclusively do discriminate everything. The reservation and increased number of women in the Parliament don’t matter until a woman is brought to the same level as a man when it comes to the file on safety. “Our safety is in our hands” is clichéd sentence flaunted by proclaimed intellectuals around us. The only thing that they want to enforce with this holy phrase is that girls should wear “decent” clothes and shouldn’t venture out in the dark. That’s it! If a horny guy stalks you in broad daylight while you make your way towards your home wearing salwaar kameez, and then molests you; this phrase, may or may not condemn it, but it definitely distances itself, and puts out a notice of “Not Applicable” outside its office. Our safety is in our own hands they are saying, but in reality, something else is there in our hands, which doesn’t let us think right.

The other day I went to a bank, and because my query was too high for the level of the subordinates to reach, I was asked to visit the manager. Surprisingly, the middle aged manager had a PA, who, as you’d expect, was younger than him. So, I sat there with my back straight, emulating a posture that suggested that I am interested in what the manager was trying to convey with the combined efforts of his vocal chords, and hands, when suddenly the manager stopped. Signalled his PA to refill his glass of water or whatever it was, but it was colourless. So, assuming that the manager was not in a habit of getting drunk in his office, let’s go with the fact that it was water. After the PA had refilled his glass, and was turning on her pivoted foot to keep the jug of water back where it belonged, this dude at the “high post” spanked her butt! I was astonished! The bewildering nature of all this forced my jaw to open in surprise, and expecting a reaction from the PA, I started eating popcorn in my mind. However, nothing happened. The PA went back to what she had to do; rather continued what she was doing, and the manager took a sip of water and continued to explain me whatever he was trying to convey. It seemed like the pen ran out of ink, so the manager changed the refill. Normal is what I mean. To me it was weird, but to them it was normal. I didn’t have the courage to look at the PA, so I made a face looking at the manager. He greeted me back with an expression of his own, which, if my powers of deduction are to be trusted, meant “You understand, right?” Yes, I did understand what a creep that guy was. Just because the PA had no other option, this man was taking advantage of it. Credits to him that he had made her accustomed to everything: ranging from office work to sexual harassments. She was meant to bear it all. It was a spank when I was inside the office, what would it be if I wasn’t there? That’s the food for thought that sends chills up my spine. And, they say your safety is in your own hands. The only thing that was really in her hands then was the jug of water, and her job. However, technically speaking, her boss had her job in his hands, so she just had the shield to protect her job! The shield of hers is too ironic here because shields usually protect us from harm, but this shield that she unfortunately held was a Go signal for her boss to do whatever he felt like. Money is everything, right? But you should earn money through ethical ways. If you steal, then it’s a big crime. However, when you earn by dismantling the mental well being of your subordinates, you are lauded as a great leader. Wow!

The women, who travel by bus, are subjected to a variety of comments, which, at times turn into heinous actions of molestation. They are stared upon. Like some animal in a zoo, pointed at, and laughed, and have comments, which are hurtful, passed on them. And it ends here if you are lucky. If not, they make advances towards you! Grope you! Force you to satisfy their Satanic needs; and if you have a bunch of luck in your purse, they won’t kill you. Otherwise, who knows one of them might become your torturous shadow following you forever. But, whatever it may be, your safety is in our own hands. The cops, the laws, your friends are all the side characters! No. It’s never the fault of the advancer! Never! He’s a guy, and guys are next to immortal, forgot? It’s always your fault! Everything is in your hands! And thus we conclude, the world is fair!

You can be aware of the fact that you are not safe, but unless the society steps up, our safeties are hanging by a loose thread in the open.

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