I Said NO, but he Wouldn’t Get OFF

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The sound of the glass breaking was heard from her room. Latrine’s mom and dad were fighting in the kitchen. She did not leave her room to console them because it was a usual act by her parents, who had an ego on each other. Her mother would shout at her husband and she would some sort of harsh reply back from her husband. Latrine’s mom and dad were happy for about 7 to 8 years and when time passed each one was not able to forgive their partners small mistakes and started their fights. Initially it was for silly reasons like when Latrine’s dad come a little late, her mom would have a doubtful look on him which would irritate her father. This would move into a fight and her dad will ignore his dinner, which will increase the impact of the fight. Latrine was living in an environment, where she had no peace with her parents and also in school. She was a silent girl in her class, who doesn’t talk to her friends. She was the centre of attraction for her class mates. She was having a horrible childhood which had the worst memories. She was suffering a lot mentally and was not able to speak up to her dad or her mom because she was afraid of them. She thought that they would scold her because they have been scolding each other for the past 6 years, which is from the time she has started knowing the world. She always felt like running away from that house which had no happiness. She had to take care of her own things, she had to iron her clothes, pack up her books, prepare her lunch and breakfast. Her parents did not care about her much, which had their own life and its negative parts. Life was not smooth for her at any point of her childhood. And finally that happened; there was a break up between her parents. They left her alone and went on to find the right partner for their life.


She was all alone I her house, but her granny came in as her savior. She took care of her; she started giving her a new life. She was sent to another school, new friends, and new teachers. Latrine did not want to live the life of her childhood so she decided to get in company with the class mates around her. They started hanging out, and always went in group. Latrine was living the wonderful time of her life. She was starting to be happy. Her grand ma was also very supportive. Her grand ma was taking care of from the pension she was getting from her husband’s service, and also latrine went for a part time job, so that she could take care of the books and other material required for her high school. She changed a lot and may be that change led to the tragic incident that happened to her. She along with five more was the best friend that anyone can see, they used to skip classes, hang out at night, go everywhere, and drink at part, typical teenagers. They six were enjoying their life. The group used to drink, except for Latrine. One day Latrine decided to drink, she drank half a bottle and was not able to take any more. It was eleven already. As it was her first time, she was not able to take it easy, so she sloshed into the back of her friend’s truck. She did not realize what was happening to her, but the next day she was in her house. Her grand ma woke her up and told her that it was time for school. She got ready and left for school, her heaven.


The same happened on that day also, she drank, but on that day it was a full bottle, she was really out of control, she feel down and started vomiting, she somehow crawled to the truck, but this time she was followed by one of her friend, whom she has been seeing for a long time. He was one of her best friend, who has been with her in all her happiness and sadness. It was least expected from him, but no point in saying that now, because he was already on her. She was drunk, she said no, but he wouldn’t get off. She was raped but not brutally, but however her virginity was taken away. Again she was depressed and went back to the old stage, where she sat alone, thinking of something else. She was hurt mentally, because she did not expect this from a best friend, whom she believed like a fool.

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She came out of that quiet fast, and went on to her regular routine. She kept him away from her life. She did not really realize what had happened to her, until she started dating her boyfriend. She then realized what sex is in a healthy relation and how the other partner will feel if he knows that she was raped. She was still reeling from it. She was hurt because of that thought. She couldn’t keep it within her, so she finally told her boy friend and her grand ma. They took her to a counselor to make sure that she was alright and to bring her out of that depression. But she was strong in her mind and recovered fast. The thought which made her recover was, “I have beat the depression and anorexia, so I can get through this also”. She was lucky to have a boyfriend and grand ma like that, because they would support her outstandingly. She did not want to see those friends again in her life. She put them away because they were the one who let her on the back foot.

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The advice that she wants to give to all the victims are, “It has happened and thinking about that will not bring back your virginity, so move on, it may take some time but move on”, Yes, you were raped but don’t give it the power to haunt you. Yes, the victim was betrayed and hurt mentally, she would have felt vulnerable and insecure, but no one has the power over her unless she gives it to them. So don’t give in to the person who hurt you, accept that it happened, find those places in your soul that were ripped open and sew them back together.  There are lot of people in this world who can help with your problem and help you recover from the aftermath of rape.

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