Sardarji, it’s not your Fault

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As of now, you all would’ve scrutinize today’s newspaper and probably be gawking into the television screen since the morning, you understand what I am going to talk about, yes, Modi quake buries down so already condemned pillars of the congress party , it’s congress worst performance since its inception; a political party, who has trimmed the history of this nation, who hold proud countless authoritative leaders and trailblazers, a rich brimming history, it all demolish within fraction, if we compare it with the time it take to rise. Congress is decimated, they don’t even sure of qualifying as the main opposition party in the parliament, with only 59 alliance seats (UPA), and 44 of their own (INC), they seems nothing but a bunch of political faction, trying their level best to stay in the race, which BJP has already won.

In the face of the party’s worst electoral defeat in more than six decades, the never-ending process of ‘blame you’ has begun, to make it straight though, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi owned up responsibility for the debacle in front of Media. Should they’ve been done if before, this probably would not be this worse?

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This is not new, the second term of the congress-led united progressive alliance (UPA) is a complete failure and throughout the political mess, we blamed one and just one person solely for this catastrophic performance- Dr. Man Mohan Singh, the Honorable Prime Minister of Our country( Though not many days left), the vacuous Vice president of Indian national congress-Rahul Gandhi was never actually a ray of hope for the intellectuals, so we shall not talk about him as we know he is just a Boy who heed his mother’s instructions, those expecting big from him were deceived. Anyways, beneath this azure mirage do occur.

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Throughout the Decade, we had these notions of having a weak prime minister, but did we really ever try to find out whether he is really feeble or just a victim of filthy politics, Rahul didn’t talk to media, he didn’t answer their question, he never ever faced a personal interview until he did a terrible mistake by letting Arnab Goswami- an excellent journalist, impeach him. I personally didn’t feel bad for it, the reason is simple- He can’t. Every person has his capabilities, few things could never be taught or say you lack the basic conscience required for those to be a part of you, how hard shall you try, you are going to end up in vein. Rahul Gandhi is not a politician on his own, he is a born politician, the day he born, his fate was already written but the poor boy, I must say his parents didn’t realize that even if he is son of a former prime minister; doesn’t bound him to be a prime minister.

Take an example, if Sachin Tendulkar would’ve born in place of Rahul Gandhi, he might also be standing for the post of Prime Minister Today, not because he choose so, because he have to continue the legacy of his family but for an instance think, what would have happen if Sachin choose to be a politician, all day his brain keep revolving around cricket and tongue mugging political jargons.



It’s ironic that no one notices Sonia Gandhi, even when we do, we don’t say anything. The Queen Mother is not only above all criticism; she is above all questioning, all political analyses. During the lok sabha elections which just ended, all major political parties had put up a strong candidate against top political leaders, Arvind kejriwal stood against Narendra Modi, Smriti irani stood against Rahul Gandhi, but no strong candidate was spotted against Sonia Gandhi, this picturesque the power Sonia Gandhi possess even when her party is in dreadful juncture.

People are blaming Dr. Manmohan for not interacting with the media and let to a communication gap between the media and the government. Sonia Gandhi is nimble-fingered leader; she tagged all the blames on Manmohan and credits on his son, sardarji become a puppet. No one object because it seems to work for the party. UPA’s first term was a prominent success story of this model, soon people realize that they are fooled, they began to feel the aroma of what was cooking between Gandhi’s and Dr. Singh, the numbness of a veteran economist was questionable, what was that forcing him to be hushed, was he a leader or a marionette?


The Accidental Prime Minister, by journalist Sanjaya Baru who was the Media advisor of Dr. Singh from 2004 to 2008, revamped the flunkey powers of Dr. Singh, he writes that Dr. Singh was not only delicate but docile. The Government was remote controlled by Sonia and the ministers were her Ministers, not his ministers. Just for once Dr. Singh summoned his valor and threatens to resign before Sonia gandhi; in case of Indo-US nuclear deal failure. Baru wrote that Dr. Singh promised to induct him in his next term but Sonia Denied, and like a staunch marionette he accepted. We should be thankful to Baru for Disclosing this tyranny.


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