Sathyavathi- Root Cause of Confusions

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One of the greatest epic of Indian history is none other than the Mahabarath….

Epics always used to tell us about something. It may be about olden age culture and traditions of kingdom, love, leadership, qualities of people etc.. it teaches us how to live in the righteous path, the effects and consequences of each and every decision that a person takes in his life.We all know that Kunti, Ghandhari, Draupadi etc were the main woman characters in this great epic. But do we know the name of the person who was the root cause of all this?? It was also a woman and her name was SATHYAVATHI.. Yes everything started with her. She was the major reason for all the confusions which followed later.

Centuries ago a great war took place to bring up dharma and to destroy adharma. It was the mahabarath war. Years after  Ganga’s separation from her husband king Shanthanu… he fell in love with another woman. She belonged to a fishermen family yet she was a stunning beauty that would attract everyone. Her name was SATHYAVATHI.  Sathyavathi was known as the woman who was ambitious and would take risks to achieve her goal. So this was the reason that made her to tell her dreams to Devaviradhan. She told that how can I marry your father when my kids in the future wont ascend the throne as you’re his first son?. This made him to decide not to marry anyone or to ascend the throne. Thus she was satisfied and married his father and they had two sons.

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Her biggest error which lead to the pathway of Bhishma’s destruction….After some years during one of the wars, Sathyavathi’s first son was assassinated. In spite of repeated warnings from Bhisma, he went to the war and died. Her second son was named as Vichitraveeriyan. But he was fit for nothing. But he was the only hope left for the entire Hasthinapur kingdom as he only has the right to ascend the throne. So being in a higher position Sathyavathi decided to get him married so that he may become the king. At that time the king of Kasi had invited the princes of surrounding kingdom for the swaymvar of his three daughters named Amba, Ambika and Ambalika. Sathyavathi clearly knows that her son will not succeed in that swaymvar so she ordered Bhishma to capture the three princesses so that they could be married to her son. Though Bhishma did not agree in the beginning, he was bound by his word to his father. So he went to Kasi and brought them here. During that occasion only, Amba cursed him and told him that she will avenge him for destroying her life which came true in her next birth by killing him during the war. But as soon as Amika and Ambalika got married to her son, he died immediately might be because of his ill health.So again the kingdom is empty without the leadership of king. Now the way of next generation too has been blocked as the only alive son too got perished.

In the good notion for the people of Hasthinapur, Ambika and Ambalika were blessed with a son each by a sage. But unfortunately both were born with some deformities. Dhiridhirashtran was blind and Pandu was physically not well built. When Sathyavathi came to know that one of the servant maids too was blessed with a son by that sage, she refused to accept that kid. His name was Vidhuran who was known for his sharp mind and high qualities. She did not treat him well or considered him as part of her family. Though he deserved to become the king he was not given that right. She inculcated the feeling of king in the heart of Dhiridhirashtran from his early age. When he neared the age of becoming the king, Sathyavathi wished to get him married. So she asked the help of Bhishma to talk to Gandhar king and thus Gandhari was married to him. But her brother Saguni was not happy with this as it spoiled the bright future of his sister. Moreover during the right moment he was denied by others because of his deformity. Thus Pandu was made the king. Saguni did not like this and thus started his evil act from that moment. It was also the main reason for the major destruction of Kauravas.

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Years rolled and after that only Sathyavathi slowly started to realise her mistakes. Adharma took its place too well. Everything was out of Sathyavathi’s control. She was mocked by Dhiridhirashtran and his sons about her being born to fishermen caste. So when to tried to sort out by making Pandu as the king as before, he died due to the curse. So it was then she realised that her part resulted in huge confusions. She denied going back to Hasthinapur. She spent her remaining years serving saints.Thus from her it is well known that a small mistake or desire can lead to devastating results….





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