Of Scrumptiousness and Weight Control

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Most women I know are terribly weight conscious and feel like they need to stay in the best shape possible, more so for the people around them than for their own selves. Often, I watch women glance longingly at bakeries and ice cream parlours; never daring to step in because of the enormous struggle on the weight they have an eye on all the time. As the famous saying goes, a moment on the lips is forever on the hips.


But that does not mean they don’t want to have a delicious, scrumptious fest. It is with this initiative that I decided to launch an article with the different kinds of foods and flavours that women I know would love to gorge on but feel like they can’t.


Cold Drinks:
It’s on purpose that I’ve called this Cold drinks and not Cool drinks. It’s because I wish to mean any drink, fizzy or otherwise. On a hot summer day, most people would love to just grab something cold off a freezer. I for one enjoy mango and watermelon juices, so much so that I want to have them every single day. There are people I know who would die for a glass of coke of Fanta at least once a week. Then there are those who are into flavoured milk, fruit shakes and sweet buttermilk. These are the things that people look up to. But thanks to societal pressure, we need to make do with water because that is what is expected of us. Women have become experts at controlling their innermost desires and strongest cravings in return for a superficial society that puts so much pressure on the size of our bodies.


Pastries and other bakery food:
Yum.  I love cakes.  They’re sweet, they’re delicious and they just melt in your mouth. I especially love the kind that has thick chocolate on the top and nuts all around it. Or a big, black forest cake with chocolate shavings and sprinkles as the moist goodness shines through. The cherry on the top is my absolute delight, though. It makes me LOVE any cake I’m eating. The cream on top, the tender inner sweetness is to die for. Another one of my favourites is cupcakes and muffins. I’m also fond of cream rolls, donuts, bakery biscuits and anything that’s as delicious. Alright, guilty as charged. I’m a bit of a sweet tooth.


I don’t see what’s not to like in these. They’re light, they’re crunchy and they come in multiple flavours. Plus, they’re mouth-wateringly amazing to eat to pass time. So what’s wrong with them? They come in all sorts of sizes from tiny to huge depending on the size of the party or company. There are packs for single people, for couples and for a huge crowd. My favourite ones are the cream and onion and the classic salted. It’s sad however, how one has to spend so much on  a couple of handfuls of yumminess. But why are they so hated? Oh, that’s right. They’re fattening. Hmph.


Ice Cream:
Oh, God. Do I need to say more? Ice cream is the most fabulous thing ever invented by mankind. The soft texture, the extreme sweetness, the ice cold feeling in the mouth… it is all unbeatable, if you ask me. I love butterscotch and fruit n Nut because they add crunchiness to the whole thing but I also love strawberry and black currant for the fruit pieces in them. Chocolate chip is a great sinful treat as well! There are so many ice cream parlours with amazing concocted sundaes and lovely jellies and fruit combos that are absolutely to die for.



One reason why I don’t go out to eat as much as I’d like to, besides the fact that it’ll put a huge hole in my pocket, is that the food is always so oily and full of fattening substances such as grease and butter and cheese. Not that any of that sounds any less appetizing but it’s just the fat content and the extra flabby bits in my body that make me stay away as I am sure, is the case for most other people.



There are so many more uncategorized pleasures in life that make me go crazy with having to pick just one. The first, of course, is Pizzas and my most favourite joint for that is Dominos’. They’re economic, they give great variety and the home delivery is most prompt. Another joint I frequent is Mc Donalds. The assortment of really economic food right from burgers to ice creams to milkshakes to sodas is very appetizing. Another is KFC which is just finger licking good for those who are into Chicken and meat of such sort. Last on my list, but surely not the least, is Subways. I love this place. True, it’s a little more expensive than the rest, but be rest assured, you’re in good hands if you like to pick what you eat.


It’s undeniable that food is the greatest pleasure on the planet. People like me live to eat. That makes it all the more fun. All this talk, however, has made me ravenous so while you dream of food, I’m going to go get me some. Who cares about calories? Go treat yourself right now!

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