The Season of Mangoes…

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Hi! I am one of the king of fruits, mango. We mangoes are known to be the delicious among all the fruits. I have been on this tree since some months. This tree on which I am hanging is been in a farm of a rich farmer whose mangoes are well in demand by the market lenders and so there are many trees of mangoes and black jamun here. The farmer that is the caretaker of the tress loves his trees a lot. He will greet us morning, water us, talk to us like a friend. I am known to be the cutest of all mangoes on my tree.

I have my family and friends too here. Some have been dropped by these kids who go to school walking and passing by this road. They throw stones, aim and drop some of our tree mango members, to eat us raw. They enjoy it with salt. We are also used in green pickles, chutney, ice creams, and murabaas too.

We are the fruits that everyone waits for, and we are only available during the hot scorching summer. We are good at vitamin A, vitamin D and Vitamin C. People love eating us. I am also the national fruit of India and famous in Kokand region. I am still on my tree, and I am in love with a mango which is just growing beside me. We look at each other talk and laugh together. All the mangoes on our tree envy us and the elders give us blessings.


A large number of mango varieties can be found in India. the most popular ones include Alphonso (also called Hapoos), Amrapali, Bangalora, Banganapalli (also known as Benishaan), Bombay, Bombay Green, Chausa, Chinna Rasalu, Dashaheri (Daseri), Fazli, Fernandian, Gulabkhas, Himayath (a.k.a. Imam Pasand), Himsagar, Jehangir, Kesar, Kishen Bhog, Lalbaug, Langda (Langra), Mallika, Mankurad, Mulgoa, Neelam, Pairi, Pedda Rasalu, Rajapuri, Safeda, Suvarnarekha, Totapuri, Vanraj and Zardaldalu. The summer is here. Kids to elders; all enjoy the season of mangoes. Everyone loves mangoes.

One day the farmer asked a guy to climb the tree and remove the one who were ready. I and my love were one of them. He was going on removing the mangoes from the tree. He even removed me and my love. Ouch it hurts. She had screamed. I still remember her voice in pain. We both were put in a moving like creature that is a vehicle and taken away in a huge box together. We realized it’s our time to get away from each other and our end too. We kept looking at each other with the pain and sadness around. But we knew this was supposed to happen one day as we were made for it. Our happy ending would be when we were eaten by humans and enjoyed by them and not by a sick mango which is harmed by a worm, which would spread the diseases to us too. That was only that we prayed for.

The moving thing, the vehicle stopped by a big go down, where we were kept with other mangoes that looked alike. Some were even rotten. A day later, I and my love were separated. She cried and waved me bye. We both were put in different boxes and were again kept in a moving vehicle and took away. It was a very long trip, and I was missing my love and was between strange mangoes whom I never knew. All were new to me. I was listening the conversation of various mangoes, besides above and below me. They were on and on with gossips and their stories. I was bored and missing more and more my love. The memories flashed in front of my eyes. And I had a tear in my eyes.

It took us all day to reach the new go don where we were kept there again. The night we all rested. Even I had fallen asleep thinking and missing my love.

Next morning, we all were again separated in a proper box of mangoes and were presented well in the box to sell in the market. The moving vehicle, took the boxes towards the market. In no time we reached market. The market environment was very noisy. I could see from the small hole in the box there were vendors with different fruits and vegetables trying to attract the customers. There were people buying their requirements.

A customer came to the lender of the shop where I was there in the box. I saw a small girl looking at the box with sparkling eyes and amazement to eat the mangoes. I could see her innocence just like my love. I was not even sure if she was in which box or still left in go down? When the box where I was been kept was opened. The small girl started jumping looking at her grandpa, to buy the box I was in and the grandpa listened to his granddaughter.

He asked his driver to keep us in his car. The girl was very happy. She could not wait to go home and have the mangoes. In the car she was looking at the box and was telling his grandpa, that she is happy to have a first mango of the summer season. Soon we reached home, she told the driver to take the box as soon as possible inside her house and the driver did as he said. The girl ran towards the box, opened the box hurriedly and saw all mangoes with big eyes and a big smile on her face. She was not able to choose the best mango to have first and there her eyes fall on me. She picked me up and smelled the aroma of me, and whispered “lovely”.

She ran taking me in the kitchen and asked her mom to cut and give her. Her mom washed me and smiling at her daughter’s excitement and I was cut. I still was alive to see what the girl felt after having me. She had me slowly and enjoying every bit of me. She told her mom it’s very sweet and tasty and she enjoyed it. Here I end my life with a perfect and happy ending.

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