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Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a wonderful Motivational book which inspires the readers and changes their way of thinking about what actually life is. So I would like to share my thoughts and views about this great book to all of you and hope it will inspire everyone to read this awesome book one day.

We all are pretty great dreamers like what we want and all those lovely moments to be spent in achieving our goals. But we know to dream but do everyone know the exact tactics of achieving it??? We all long for it but that intensity will be at its maximum only for short duration. Its true guys it’s the real fact. It is because usually clinging to our goals and dreams needs much patience and mind which will fade away as days pass and we even loose our hope in achieving that. Here are few tips given by secret which helped many to achieve their goal and it tells us how to achieve our goal which many or all of us long to know.


The most important thing is believe in what you want though you don’t have it in the present. For example, if your goal is to reduce your weight and look fit and slim, believe that you can reduce though you are fat at the present. Every day, wake up in the morning think that you grew lean and feel the joy how you will feel when you have achieved your goal, picturize it that you have grown lean then after few moments of visualising, start your day with fun and happiness. This works great friends sure it does.

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I will now tell you one real life incident of a woman named Mary, who after reading this great motivational book achieved great things in life.

Mary a 30 years old woman went through a series pressure of knowing that she has been affected by cancer and doctors have told her that she will live only for maximum of six months. So what if we will do if we are in such situations? Sure we will get panicked and live like half dead. But what Mary did surprised me a lot. Mary had read this inspirational book so she knew exactly what to do and how to do. She just abruptly stopped taking pills for cancer treatment. Instead she followed the path guided by secret, the secret path. Every day she used to wake up and stand in front of the mirror and tell to herself that she is totally fine and healthy. This she followed every day with full faith and confidence. Though it may sound silly it worked out. Within two to three months doctors were really amazed that her disease was cured completely. And till now she is living happily without any tablets. So this is how secret works.

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So secret says,

Anything can be achieved in this world. Whatever you wish will come true. The universe is bound to follow by your wish no matter whether it is positive or negative. So we must be cautious in what we are wishing and thinking. For example, if wake up late in the morning and I have only 30 minutes to get ready, it is like as if I am late to college usually we will become tensed and will go on recite I am late to college I am late to college. I am going to miss the college bus so and so. Then sure the same will happen as I have said the universe is bound to your order and if this is your order then the universe will make as per our wish. It does not check whether it is good or bad but just follows our command whatever it may be. Listen for this we should not wish I should not be late to college as the universe does not differentiate as yes or no it just follows and you will be late. So instead we must wish what we exactly need like I must get ready soon to college. Then as usual the universe will abide by our commands and we will be earlier to college. So this is how we need to master our minds towards positive thoughts and it will automatically result in positive actions.

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But our mind is something where millions of thoughts will be zooming around. Is it possible to master? Yes it is once we start to master our minds then we are in the path towards our goal. Our mind is always filled with two options for each and everything we do. Either in a positive way or in a negative way . So it is laid up in our hands as which one we choose. If at all negative thoughts pop out from our minds just try to switch your mind in some other work which you like say hear songs, play games for some time and make sure those thoughts run away from your mind. In this way we can master our minds and ultimately we will be on our tracks to success.

Thus these are few ways which we can follow to win our goals in life….. secret to life…..

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