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A very long time ago, scientists decided that the big, defining trait between a human and an animal was self-awareness.

It became a common theme to ascertain that a dog knows not that he is a dog, and can therefore never be more than a dog. A monkey accepted that he was a monkey, and so he became a man. Simple thought-process, but an incredible breakthrough that changed life on this planet forever. So what are you meant to think when you see degenerates that know not that they are degenerates? Idiots who do not know the extent of their own idiocy? Are they animals, too? Well, I don’t know, and that’s not why I’m writing this.

Why I am writing this is because I see a strange trend today – women who do not know that they’re women. You might think that’s silly, but many women today are falling for the lie that the genders are equal. They’re not, and that’s what makes each so special. Men have qualities only men have, and women have qualities only women have. Why should one fight to be judged on the terms of the other? When a woman knows she is a woman and understands all the unfathomable implications of that truth and explores her femininity, then greatness comes to light. When you’re in a rat-race with your male friends proving them how much of a “tomboy” you are, you’re becoming a fart (forgive the expression).

You see, there is nothing more attractive or more fulfilling than to see a woman who knows she is a woman, and that’s because her über self comes out; the perfect part of her. Many artists and actresses are driven by the confidence that comes from this incredible self-awareness that they possess. They expand on their virtues and ditch all their defects by learning to love themselves as women and to improve themselves as such too. That is the ultimate liberty, to grow and evolve. Evolution is an incremental process, and by beginning to accept that a part of you is different to the opposite gender, and that that part of you is a desirable trait, you’re doing something more than getting rich. You’re kick-starting the Darwinian process of progression. You’re moving the human race forward by simply accepting that one half of it can be better than it is; that it can be better by accepting itself and nurturing itself as a crucial component of our world.

So women, I’d like you to search deep within yourselves. Take some time off this weekend, and devote a day to the soul-searching that you require. But don’t stop at that. Go further! Look for the person that you are, and see the magic in her heart. Try to understand yourself as a piece of art – a female piece of art. If you can come to terms with the fact that you don’t dress up and talk like a woman because you have a woman’s body, but because your thoughts are inherently female, then you can begin to appreciate them. To cherish them. When you feel you’ve got nothing to hide or be ashamed about, then and only then can you bloom into the full-blooded woman you want to be. No more need to play hide-and-seek with yourself – no more need to be afraid. You have mastered self-control, and everything you will do from now on, you’ll do with a renewed intelligence and mastery.

Obviously it isn’t as easy as I made it sound and I might sound like a crazy man rambling about things he doesn’t know (I can’t guarantee you that I’m not), but I think its worth a try to understand yourself better. The last thing anybody wants is to be a stranger to themselves, and the best way to become a stranger to yourself is not highlighting each and every good part of you. Us men, we’re always on about our virility. We appreciate it and use it as a yardstick to measure our standing among others. It is a silly and Neanderthal habit, but it is what keeps a man raring to go and race with others. That’s because deep down, men are absolutely sure that they’re men. When they’re not, they fall apart. So why should women not benefit from a similar but rose-coloured jet fuel? Why do you always need to be the “weaker sex”? If that’s what you want, then so be it. But I’m sure you want to be a powerful woman in her own rights. That’s why you’ve got to treasure your own femininity and sensuality.

You have got a vast array of talents that no man possesses, so why should you limit yourself to being a mere shadow of a boy? As you grow and become older, the importance of your womanhood seems to shrink a little bit. You sometimes stop grooming yourself, your hair & mind are sometimes unkempt. You think it doesn’t matter because its not necessary. But it should, because its what keeps you YOU. Its the only difference between you and a ratchet guy, and even I am not the latter.

Women need to rediscover their womanhood, and I for one, think it’ll be a great day for humanity when you all do.



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