The Selfie Mania

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The time has gone when we needed an occasion for a photograph, we needed a good camera for a photograph, and we also needed a photographer for a photograph but now all that has become a part of history. If you really need a photograph, all you need to do is flip the view of your phone, make your eyes appear bigger, exaggerate your cheekbones and hold your phone at a bit higher level and just make the click.


The word ‘selfie’ eventually got titled as “word of the year” on 2013. Oxford dictionary defines the word as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a Smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”. The selfie culture has become viral and hence The Time Magazine had named “selfie” as “top ten Buzzwords” of year 2013. As the technology is enhancing and so are our attitudes towards them.

A new cult is beginning this cult is broadly replacing the old one. The youth is becoming self dependent and so are their habits, attire, addictions, norms and obsessions. This youth does not bother what other thing about them or how the society reacts to them. We cannot deny the fact that everyone has got their own perspective to judge a thing. While some people completely ridicule the selfie culture, some people love clicking selfie as they can pose any way they want and get numerous clicks and nobody to mock on as they could be easily deleted before someone else catches it. Well if you think selfie are just a waste of time or a stupid act, than believe me or not you are completely outdated, because there are more than 13 million photos on twitter which are hash tagged as #selfie and almost 7 million photos on Instagram which are tagged as selfie.

ellel's Oscar selfie.

A survey also revealed that women a more likely to take selfies than men. However there is another astonishing fact of this story, that males are more likely to post selfies on instagram after the age of 40. In recent we happened to see Ellen posted her record shattering Oscar selfie and it did not take much time to imitate the same by some other celebrities. The social networking sites are gulping everyone nowadays, say it a young kid or a grown up adult everyone is a part of these social networking sites. It’s really amazing that even women are actively taking part in these sites and sharing pictures and status every day. Over the last few years, this phenomenon of selfie culture has not just captured social media but it has also added the mainstream. Even celebrities have become a part of it. Celebrities like Justin bieber, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna very often post selfie in twitter. Even the first lady Michelle Obama has participated and Pope Francis has joined the fun.A survey says 1 million selfies are uploaded everyday are shared.

Selfie Addict Selfie Addict

Where selfies are being shared the most?

Facebook 48% Whatsapp and texts 27% Twitter 9% Snapchat 5% Pinterest 2% And these are the majorly responsible for propagating the selfie culture. We also come across some bitter observations about selfie. The selfie culture is making us narcissistic nation. It is making us self obsessed and it’s also turning us selfish enough to focus on just own self rather than others. Selfies are not enhancing us rather they are degrading us. It’s making us to turn the lens towards the best of us, by focusing only to our best parts in face and body. Some teenage kids are so addicted to it that they post their pictures everyday while doing every silly work like sitting in canteen, sitting in library, school, college, in movie etc. life is not a selfie! it  does not capture your lifestyle or your way of living, it focuses only what you are trying to show. Also making duck faces or funny faces may sometime be very embarrassing to own self. No one to blame on, it cannot be said that youngsters are indulging in it because even adults have become a part of this fun. Every smart phone is sure to have numerous selfies in it. Some may be interesting and some may be damn embarrassing.

Are selfies really bad? It’s for sure the cavemen who invented fire must be very careful while doing so because he must have wondered whether fire was fruitful or harmful. We all must have the ability to deal with the change taking place around us. Unlike the previous generation the youth crowd today is much of adventurous and spontaneous. They seek for connectivity with the whole world. This youth crowd has a different perspective for everyone, the digital world has changed their life to a lot extend and who does not want to upgrade themselves with the changing world of technology and trend. A famous quote of Marilyn Monroe can be perfectly associate in favor of selfie “imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”.

Marilyn qoutes

Conclusions may vary from one another whether it’s a lame or legit but we must also not forget that our youth is judicious enough to judge what’s right for them and what’s wrong.

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