Selling Our Souls

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That’s 20.5 million of the world’s estimated 20.9 million victims of human trafficking.

20.5 million (according to the heavily tailored and politically correct records) women and girls are currently enslaved by inhumane beasts infringing their every rights as human beings. Most of them are at the age when their star should just be beginning to bloom; when they find out who they are. The average age of a female slave ranges from 12-14 years of age. And the problem is a steadily rising one, as up to 800,000 children are traded annually.

And this is a situation in which I will not pack any punches; the death penalty was made for heinous crimes like treason, pre-meditated murder and the trafficking of human beings is one of the most deserving. We live in a world full of red ticker tape and very little action having any bearing on the lives of the millions of millions of women across the world who are slaves.


That’s 12.3 million of them that are confirmed sex slaves. How many more? We have no clue.

Again, the 3rd largest criminal activity in the world should warrant a straight death sentence. It is disgusting, and women are the biggest victims. Why? For a number of reasons we’ll take a look at below.

We should start by noting that most of the people who are trafficked come from the lower income households of our world. The vast majority of the poor on Planet Earth are women and they’re therefore major targets for traffickers. The number of poor women is growing as the global economy slows down. Women are generally poorer than men because in many countries they are not allowed employment, or are paid less than men for identical work. On top of that, women are often saddled with the additional overheads of child care. They receive less education than men and are often victims of dubious job security simply because of their gender.

This drives women to seek employment elsewhere or to move to more developed areas, as was the case with the post-Soviet Union economic meltdown in the Union’s smaller countries. For many women, it meant that they had lost many of their economic independence. So they sought jobs in more affluent Western countries.

Young girls looking to feed their impoverished families are transported across federal, provincial or national borders in order to take them from low-income to high-income areas that can support the sex trade. There, they are sold or abused to generate revenue for the reported $30 billion net worth of the industry, of which 55% is made in developed countries.

And they are supplying a demand. This is where the root of the problem is. There are people out there who are keenly asking for more and more female slaves they can abuse. Seeking out young girls to have sex with. Young girls whose lives they’re destroying. If the demand for young girls from other places were non-existent, then there would be no reason to harm them. However, the reality of our world is that we are the main cause of the slavery trade not only by being inactive onlookers but also by purchasing people. Once we request more young girls, they are stolen from their homes and sent miles away from there.

Their passports and all and any official documentation is taken away from them and used to blackmail them. It may cost them up $900 to buy their papers back – that is, if they’re even given a chance. Sometimes, they simply can’t afford it as they have been scammed into paying several large fees for visas and documents and transportation when they were convinced they’d gotten a job. The traffickers first steal from the women, and then they steal the women and sell them.

Recent studies by several NGO’s around the world have also found that many women who’re trapped as sex slaves across the world were escaping domestic violence. In their hurry to flee the terrible situation, they often come across dubious job opportunities. Since they’re so psychologically traumatized, they’ll take anything and eventually end up in the hands of traffickers. False websites posing as match-making agencies or employment agents gather your data and use it to target you and consequently sell you across an international border, all whilst convincing you you’re going for a better life.

The network of organized crime running the completely unacceptable and illegal industry is massive and uses sophisticated systems to trap the women by convincing them to come of their own will. False trips are offered and false hopes are raised in order to cheat the women of their humanity. These gangs are almost always part of huge money laundering, drug trafficking and racketeering schemes. Globally, they have made the slave trade their 3rd biggest source of income, selling an average human being for $90.

The slave trade is being heavily fought, but its importance to wealthy criminals with powerful governmental ties ensures its protection from the public eye. It is a problem with ties to corruption and drugs, and if we can stop the trafficking of human beings, not only will we have saved a huge portion of our race, but we’ll have also gone a long way to ridding the world of crime.




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