Sex at sale

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Whenever one is on the red light, be it sitting in the car or walking or whatever, seeing different type of people is obvious. There are three basic types of people who depend on this place for their living-The beggars, the hawkers and the third kind. Why did I not mention the name of the third kind? Because they aren’t assigned names rather abuses-slut, prostitute and so on.

The work, the service, the job of the third kind is always looked down upon, is always disrespected, whereas the first type-the beggars, are at a higher platform in the area of respect. Beggars don’t work,  don’t work to earn their bread rather they solely depend on others’ charity for their lives, yet they are considered better than prostitutes. Why?

Prostitutes work for their living; in fact I consider them to be salesperson, a trader just with a different genre of product. They sell their body, they provide with the service of sex.So why can’t it be considered as a normal business encounter and not a social hazard?why is prostitution and sex such a big issue,specifically in terms of purity,righteousness?

due the social stature of relation between purity,virginity and sex all the complications have arose.Sex is a very natural,biological thing,thinking it or doing it is all part of life cycle.It is on the person for whatever reason they might do it for,but the basic line remains same that it is not a crime to have sex out of marriage or having paid sex.See it this way, you have a wife,she cooks for you so you eat at home,for those who don;t have wives they pay for the food at restaurants or at diners.They do it to satisfy their hunger for food.So paying for sex is similar,it is just a way to satisfy one’s urges.So anyone who provides this service isn’t impure or lower than anybody else,he/she is at a strict business.
Statistics prove that among the 5 basic things a man rejects to quit is sex, ranked number 2.That means there is a of of demand for it, and for those who understand the basic concept of demand and supply-to provide for every demand there should be a respondent supply. In this case the suppliers are the prostitutes. They are the people, who maintain the chain, so why is their work considered any less than that of any other trader?The discrimination of gender prevails in this industry as well-the names attached to both is clearly symbolic of this.A male prostitute are called by the name of-gigolos,rent-boys,hustlers,whereas the names of female escorts is highly insulting slang-whore,harlot,slut.People should try to understand the circumstances under which this profession is adopted ,some might do it out of will(which is perfectly correct),might be victims of human trafficking and some might do it out of need-survival sex.They do it for the basic need of food and shelter,it is very common for homeless and refugees.Being judgmental, when one is unaware of their situation and inconsiderate of their choices,is absurd.

prostitution is also referred as commercial sex and prostitutes as sex workers.It is considered to be the world’s oldest profession.well in the actual definition of prostitution it actually is mentioned as a trade and the terms used there are absolutely appropriate.That is how it all should be.In the scenario of prohibition of prostitution the sufferers are the prostitutes,exploitation,discrimination,absence of rights and social boycott, all this worsens their conditions.If legalized and understood prostitution can actually prove to be good.

Another thing that could be improved by legalizing and organizing sex work is STD’s.sexually transmitted diseases can  be reduced if there is  a proper check on the whole system.But this can come in action only when things are organised,thus legalized.

In Canada, England, France, Wales, Denmark, Mexico and many more countries prostitution is legal with mere restrictions and that significantly results in lower rates of rape incidents, this is because to fulfill one’s urges they have legalized services available, whereas at places where it is illegal they turn to rape as a resort.
Prostitutes have never been given respect, but another thing that they are deprived of is constitutional rights. In India because prostitution is illegal, prostitutes are not considered citizens and are not given any rights. The supplier is punished but what about the consumer? There are two parties involved in this yet the all the consequences are faced by one.
One thing needs to be understood that legalizing prostitution is a viable option, firstly because it is just a form of trade and secondly because of the effects of legalization visible in the countries where it is already established.For all that the today’s world understand is the language of money,so there is another thing that can add as a plus point in this motive-it is estimated that total revenue generated by prostitution is $100 billion,so for all the morally grounded people at least the money would be a driving force to support legalization.

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