What shape are you?

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I believe that every woman is pretty and she deserves to know that. Some know the art to look their best while the others are unaware of those secrets. Today, I will reveal some of the basic secrets to accentuate your assets rather than hide your beauty because when you feel beautiful, you look beautiful and every step you take exudes confidence to conquer the world.

Women are carved in different shapes and sizes but we can divide their bodies into four basic shapes: Hourglass, Straight, Pear and Apple. None of these are perfect or less perfect shapes, rather all of them are amazing in their own ways. Size hardly matters and a size 12 can be as sexy as a size 0. Let us take a look at them individually:



A well proportioned body with a small waist. Your bust and hips are almost the same size. The hip to waist ratio is ideally around 7-9. Hourglass women are well endowed on their thighs and tend to gain or lose weight throughout their body in equal proportion. You are blessed with the curves many would die for. Some famous hourglass celebrities are: Marilyn Monroe and Kelly Brook.
Clothing for hourglass:

  • You should adorn your curves by wearing slim fit rather than bulky clothes.
  • Wear V-necks or sweethearts or a cowl neck, something that makes your neck look longer and plays upon your bust.
  • Pencil skirts, A-line or wrap-around would emphasize your curves and make you look slimmer and taller.
    Trousers and jeans are not a very flattering choice, yet high/mid-waist jeans should suit you. Prefer boot-cut/ flair / skinny jeans over loose/ boyfriend jeans because the latter will add more pounds to your body than you have.
  • Adding a belt around your waist will emphasize the beautiful proportion of your body.


A beautiful athletic body that resembles an hourglass, except for the tiny waist. The hip to waist ratio is less than 7. You too lose or gain weight throughout your body in equal proportion. Some famous straight figure celebrities are: Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman and Hilary Duff.

Clothes for straight body:

  • Your main motto should be to accentuate your waist by wearing belts or clothes   that tend to do so.
  • Wear monochromatic clothes and add a hint of color around the waist and voila, you are good to go. You can carry any type of clothes until it is not shapeless.
  • You should try wearing deep neck tops with work around its neck to highlight your bust. The tops mentioned under the hourglass section suit you too.
    Long dresses with a side slit would sit on you perfectly.


A gorgeous body with wide hips and full buttocks. Your lower half seems to gain weight more easily than upper half. You have beautiful shapely shoulders which you can show off. Some famous pear shape celebrities are: Kim Kardhashian and Beyonce.

Clothes for pear shape:

  • You should wear clothes that tend to emphasize your breast and decrease your hips, thus making them appear slimmer.
  • Slim fit tops, button down shirts or even dressier upper wear with simple lower garment will do wonders. You can wear off shoulders, sleeveless and tube tops with ease.
  • You can also wear beautiful chunky necklaces to direct attention towards your neck and bosom.
  • Wide hemmed pants or fishtail dresses will make your lower body look slimmer. Try to stay away from capris and embellished pants or jeans. Keep the jeans, trouser or skirts as simple as possible and dark bottoms have a sliming effect on your legs. Your skirts shouldn’t be too short but should be at least knee length or just above the knee.


If you have a fuller upper body with broad shoulders and slim shapely legs then this is you. You have beautiful legs and a wide upper body. You gain weight on the upper part of your body. It is easy for you to lose weight as abdominal fat can be lost much easily than those on hips and legs. Some famous apple shape celebrities are: Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Simpson and Elizabeth Hurley

Clothes for apple shape:

  • You should keep your tops and upper part of your body simple whereas you can wear dressier skirts and trousers.
    Long or full sleeve tops/ dresses which are flowy from under your bust, expanding to your waist.
  • Tops with slits such as kurtis on its sides can make your body look slimmer and elegant.
  • You do not need to wear necklaces and embellishments to emphasize your bust as it is already gorgeous.
  • You can wear mini skirts and hot pants with ease and never have to worry about your legs.

Overall, pencil skirts, cowl and deep neck, wraparound dresses, skinny mid-waist jeans seem to complement every shape and should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Simple tops and trousers make you appear slimmer and elegant.
To know more about the kind of clothes you should wear just take a look at the wardrobe selection of the celebrities who have the same body shape as yours and then, go shopping!


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