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When Star World decided to rerun the full series of the popular CW tv show “One tree hill” I was expecting a regular teenage show, about high school romance between good-looking, rich and extremely popular kids, who’d have the perfect lives full of glamour and sophistication. Few episodes into the first season and I almost felt I could predict what would come next—catfights, shopping, dates and hook-ups. But what I didn’t know then, was that although the show was kind of based along these very lines, it also had so much more to it. There was drama, emotion, friendship, honesty, and so much of reality as well. And boy did I get hooked on!

So the show has an ensemble cast with the main characters being Nathan Scott, his half-brother Lucas Scott, Haley James, Peyton Sawyer, Marvin McFadden and my favourite character Brooke Davis. And it revolves around their lives in Tree Hill.

Brooke Penelope Davis was born in Tree Hill, North Carolina, to parents Victoria and Theodore. Introduced as a rich, popular and confident girl, we see her as the pretty and sassy cheer-leader of Tree Hill High. Her parents were mostly away and so the “lack of authority” in her growing years resulted in her high school life being full of parties, friends, drinking, and LOTS of promiscuity. Because there was no-one to draw the line for her, Brooke seldom drew a line at all!

Brooke and Peyton had been best friends since the age of eight, and there seemed to be nothing which could separate the two of them. They were always together, and they shared almost everything (including boys, which we see in the later seasons!). They both were cheer-leaders, and although not too similar by nature, they grew up just like siblings.

So to kick in the drama in their lives, Lucas Scott joins Tree Hill High, and consequently the basket-ball team of which Nathan is captain. Brooke immediately takes a liking to him and proceeds to approach him with her usual flirtation and sexual advances. Ultimately they start dating and she develops very strong feelings for him.

Because Brooke’s own mother was never around for her, she gets very close to Karen Roe, Lucas’ mother, especially after she moves in with them when her parents leave Tree Hill. Brooke had always looked up to the independent, loving and strong-willed Karen for support and this helped shape her character greatly











Another thing which greatly helped her mature was her relationship with Lucas. Although it always had its on and off phases, it did help Brooke to get in touch with her emotional side. She learnt to be grounded and loyal to Lucas, and theirs was a relationship we all have dreamt of.

So by now some of you must be wondering, why I chose Brooke as my favourite character. She seems to be immature, proud, a little snooty, and highly promiscuous. But she is my favourite because no one else showed as big a growth in their character as she did.

Brooke Davis was spoilt and proud, but only because there was no-one to tell her not to be that way. She didn’t have the ideal mother, and her parents as if existed just to provide for her monetarily. She was proud of herself yes, but rightly so. From becoming the cheer-captain, to being the Student Body President, Brooke had always striven to lead, and done that successfully.

And that was just inside school. After her emotional break-down when she ended her relationship with Lucas, Brooke chose to invest that energy into starting her own clothes-line “Clothes over Bros”. Although it started on a shaky foot, four years after high school, Brooke Davis had turned into a multi-million dollar household name. Add to that her own fashion magazine , fashion channel and super-successful clothing line. But Brooke wasn’t happy.. she missed her old life.. her friends. Her friends had always been her life, although they hadn’t always been true to her. Take for example the fact that Peyton and Lucas had an on-going virtual affair while Lucas was still seeing Brooke. But she chose to be the bigger person, and forgave them, and later maintained her closeness with the two.









Although her life chooses to throw many lemons at her, Brooke literally adds tequila to it and decides to end her problems ‘bottoms-up’. From failed relationships with the likes of Lucas, Felix Taggaro, Nick, and Chase Adams to being lied to by her best-friend, her social life had definitely seen some serious lows.

If that wasn’t enough, she had an unbelievably volatile relationship with her mother, who was also the manager of her company. Victoria barely ever cared for Brooke’s opinion and always tried interfering in her personal life as well. They ultimately mend things because Victoria was her mother after all, and she did care about Brooke, though she didn’t have a great way of showing it.

One of the biggest sorrows of Brooke’s life was that she felt extremely lonely. It’s like she was in a crowded room, and screaming her lungs out for someone to be with her, but no-one could hear her. So to get rid of the loneliness, Brooke wanted to adopt a child. But the best of us have to face the worst in life. Her application was denied because they didn’t think she could raise a child successfully “by herself”.

Ultimately Brooke does get to care for Sam, her friend Haley’s student at Tree hill, who was a lost soul. Brooke understood that loneliness and neglect had forced Sam to make some wrong decisions and because she could connect to that, she tried being the best mother-figure for her. But as luck would have it, Sam left her for her birth mother and never returned again.












According to me, Brooke Davis is a star! No matter what she did in her teenage years due to lack of guidance, she ultimately rises above all of that, to excel in every field she sets her foot in. A talented designer, and entrepreneur, she grows to be the best person she could be! She is understanding, loving, caring and extremely helpful, irrespective of the current situation in her life. She loves her friends and does extreme things like covering up Haley’s pregnancy in high school, and almost passing it on as her own, to giving up her love for her best friend Peyton. Even though she barely knew what it was to have a mother, she strove to make sure Sam didn’t go through the same. From being the best foster parent for Angie to being the perfect Godmother for James Lucas Scott (Haley and Nathan’s son) Brooke Davis had done it all. Nothing and no-one could stop her from moving ahead in her life, even when she was beaten black-and-blue by someone who broke into her shop. When compared, she really did have the toughest life because her problems just never seemed to end. But she never ever lost her determination. Not for a day, not for a moment. Her head-strong nature and the willingness to go all out for her friends endears her to me. Maybe that’s why she ultimately gets happiness in the form of Julian Baker, with whom she has two beautiful twin boys, Davis and Jude Baker.








Brooke Davis is my rockstar, and the perfect example of a role-model. Kudos to you B-Davis.. May you shine on forever and for always!

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