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It started with my first time in Delhi. I went to Tilak Nagar market with my mom. We had to buy few daily supplies as I was moving into a hostel for the first time. The thought of moving to a hostel was not a very pleasant one. I was very scared, I cried all the time and did not want to stay away from my parents in an unknown city. However, a day before the classes started mom and I were told that we will get all the necessities in the daily market of Tilak Nagar.

We were told that the market was only a few kilometers away from where we were staying and we should take a rickshaw ride. So, late in the afternoon, my mom and I hopped onto a rickshaw to go to the market. On the way, all I thought was how I could convince my parents to take me back home and not leave me in an unknown city. I tried my best to come up with a solid good reason, but all my thoughts came to a pause as soon as we reached the market.

This was a huge market and the expanse was around a kilometer. The biggest one, I had seen till then. Tiny little shops were selling shoes, dresses, cosmetics, bangles, bags, patty, samosa, kulfi, faluda….almost everything. You name it and you would find it there. I was so mesmerized by the bright colours and noises of shopkeepers calling all the buyers…”kya chahiye didi…yahaan aayeiye” that I could not focus. I forgot all the depressing thoughts of staying away from parents in a hostel.

Back then, I felt like this small kid who had come to a fair. I looked around and did not know where to begin. Suddenly, I heard my mom talking to a shopkeeper asking where we could get a mattress. So, we headed to the mattress shop first and then took rounds of the market bought all the essentials and a bag of non-essentials too. In those 3 hours of shopping around the Tilak Nagar market, nothing seemed to matter. It was pure bliss. And that day I realized, the importance of the remedy called shopping. The shopping bug had bitten me long and hard. I was smitten for life.

After that day, my life changed forever. With time, my trips to market have only increased but the priorities have changed. As a young carefree girl, I would buy any and everything. I did not know how to prioritize, make a list, weigh the urgency and then only buy. I would blow all my pocket money out in buying nonsense stuffs, so much so that, once, I bought the same kurti for myself which I was going to gift to my friend on her birthday, we were roommates then. It did not make any sense and seriously who does that. I guess and I sincerely hope, I am saner now.

I realized the value of money, time and the effort that goes into shopping only after I got married. Please note that the above made statement should be read in a relative context. J.

When I started running my own house, my list for shopping got longer but priorities changed. Shopping did not mean, shopping for fun or distressing or casually picking up anything that I would like to have. Shopping meant going to the market every day to get vegetables, visiting the stores every 5-7 days to get the groceries and supplies. Rushing to the nearby store right before it closed at night to get bread and eggs for morning breakfast. At first, I enjoyed shopping for this whole new range of products…atta, chaawal, daal, sabzi, namak, masala…the list was endless. Literally! I would always forget something and would have to go again the next day. But, in one month, I was exhausted and irritated to the core, I started hating the markets and stores.


In a few days, my life was about to change, AGAIN! The online shopping industry was just picking up and had all deliveries free at your doorstep. I visited paradise again and this time, it was virtual. I started browsing the sites and I got the same feeling like walking around the nooks and corners of Tilak Nagar market, here as well, there were numerous bags, purses, dresses and sunglasses…you name it, they had it.

I clicked, clicked, clicked. I loaded it all in my virtual cart and typed in my address to be delivered at home at the option of cash on delivery. In a week, all the stuff I ordered arrived at my doorstep neatly packed in tiny cartons fitting the size of each product. My eyes almost welled up, it was like a wish come true, I stood at my door like an eight year old, who had just received a big teddy bear on her birthday along with a chocolate cake! I took it all in, paid the money, signed on the receiving papers and shut the door.

It took me five minutes to cut open all the cartons and take out my surprise gifts. Though, I only had placed the orders and knew exactly what was in the packed boxes but it was no less than surprise gifts to me. I thanked the Almighty, Flipkart, Fashion & you and Myntra!

online shopping

Window shopping had a whole new meaning, I could browse on and on and on for hours, with a big bowl of Naturals ice cream in one hand mouse in the other. Life could not be any better…and the shopping’s guilty pleasure continued till my husband received the summary of his bank account at the end of the month…till then it was shoppingsutra!!

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