Do Short Cloths Really Provoke Men ?

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The other day I was sitting in a café next to a boy and I heard him commenting on a girl “the shorts this girl is wearing are too short, seems like her father is preparing her for a strip club”   The girl and her father didn’t hear the comment, but I felt sick to my stomach, I felt like kicking him on his face. I was so angry, but I didn’t say anything because I really didn’t know what to say to him all I knew was he was wrong.

The very next week, the NY Daily News posted a picture of Sasha Obama, Daughter of Barak obama in short shorts, and the media criticized Sasha, saying her clothes were “inappropriate.”


Clutch Magazine ran Sasha’s story on their site, and commenter’s both defended and criticized Sasha’s clothing choice.  However, one commenter argued, “The real question shouldn’t be why little girls wear shorts, President’s daughter or not, but should be: why are grown people sexualizing little girls?”


Sasha and the girl I just saw in shorts are comfortable in themselves. The adult commenter’s are the ones sexualizing these little girls. So if you have a problem with girls wearing short shorts than it is all your problem and you should probably stop attributing sexual characteristics to them and just let them live their lives their way.

Some people were discussing the “Slut Walks” that keep rising up, and a question strongly arises whether provocative clothing ever plays a role in rape? Well very interestingly that “provocative” word is used to describe a style of dress.

Women is never inviting men to rape her, even if she is wearing short cloths it’s just her way of dressing ,not any kind of provocation to men to rape her.

Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault. Someone has to act to commit rape. No one forces that choice. If seeing an enticing woman would have provoked men then all man must have become rapist.

And plenty of women who have been assaulted were not dressed sexily, including women draped in head-to-toe burqas. Interestingly, veiled women are blamed, too: “He must have seen a bit of her ankle, wrist, hair, neck… Who could resist!?”

Strippers are the most sexually “provocative” of all, yet patrons manage to contain themselves. Yes, bouncers provide security to them, but they aren’t stationed with blinders blocking their sight. And who’s watching them? Male customers aren’t physically restrained. Men can actually control themselves and many men are even doing so.

Delhi Ex Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently commented that “ rape tendencies start from drug and sex rackets”. Earlier, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said “rape cases are on a rise in the country because men and women interact with each other more freely now”. The Khaps of Haryana have their own bizarre reasoning.

Jitender Chhatar, a khap panchayat leader said “ spicy food, specifically cowmen are responsible for the growing number of rape cases”. Another Khap leader, Sube Singh, said “women should be married off by the age of 16, so that they have their husbands for their sexual needs, and don’t need to go elsewhere. This way rapes will not occur”.


“Rapes happen because some men are insecure, afraid of being rejected or deserted by the woman and they need to feel in control of the woman – so they rape. Rapes also happen because they’ve been allowed to go unpunished for eons. Men have traditionally been believed when they deny rape and women have traditionally been found to be liars regardless of how her behavior, mental health and physical health say differently. Rapes happen because rapists are secretly admired by other men who’d like to be rapists but are afraid of getting caught,”



Few years before only young girls are taught to stay aware of men, and not to wear reveling cloths in front of them as they believed sort cloths provoked men, but recent graphs are very astonishing where even a girl of 4years are getting raped. Does their cloth also provoke men? No! real man never get provoked to a girl wearing short cloths.


A fact to be known by men for life time that if they find a drunk girl , late night on a bad part of city than they must not rape her rather they must safely reach drop her to her home so that the next day when she wakes up, she may think of the guy and there are chances that she may fall in love with the guy.

Its true psychology says girls are more attracted to men who respect them and honor them not just by their words but also by their deeds.

A real man knows to respect women because he knows that feeling he will get when somebody disrespects his mother or sister so he honors every women.



“A real man respects the virtues and values of the woman he loves. He believes in everything she gets strength from and loves her mind body and soul” says Aarti Khurana.

Raneeta Pal



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