The Other Side To Life Part I

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Is the world actually fair? Do people of different gender get equivalent treatment? Is there no discrimination whatsoever? These questions have been asked so repeatedly that the stereotypical answer is just on our tongue ready to shoot out-the world is not a fair place,there are all sorts of bias when it comes to gender,and that women are always looked down upon and ignored.This ready to serve two minute answer is not incorrect because there are struggles that a woman goes through which a man has never even thought about but what I question is here is from the other perspective-the male perspective.

Everybody says that the grass is greener on the other side, maybe the over exaggeration of feminism is actually that.and here by feminism I don’t mean the actual definition of feminism,but the definition that the layman makes out of it-supporting and empowering women rights.Maybe the boys are not as privileged as they are said to be.

We need to understand things from both the sides and hence make the comment.Here I am doing the same,having a zoomed in perspective of normal day to day things from the ‘blue’ side.

Whenever we talk about the conditioning and the environment a  girl gets while growing up we never forget to link it to the pink’ connection,which is by all means true.But what about the baby boys they are not either made to choose the color of their room or blanket,they are also stereotyped with blue.I just did the same when choosing sides.In fact they are suffering from a bigger curse, most people(not all but a lot) find guys look homosexuals in pink.So I have myself seen boys avoiding pink just to show their lane of interest.Well that is highly stupid,wearing pink and being gay are nowhere related.And if I am talking about gays I can not control to mention one thing that I have observed like a hundred times, whenever a person sees two guys  holding hands ad walking there first comment is-
“look there is a gay couple”.I know being gay is nothing to be ashamed about,rather is a braver choice as it requires a lot guts to do what to want irrelevant of society’s opinion,but my point here is that,unknowingly categorizing someone is totally wrong.Those two guys might be friends,brothers whatsoever relationship they share ,but just because they hold hands does not mean they are gay.

I diverted a bit but the thing is that this attitude of people is with boys only,and that I speak out of a lot of observation.I have never seen someone commenting about two girls holding hands,never ever.poor boys their brotherly love can be and is highly misread.

Another problem that a boy suffers from is the pressure.Speaking in context of India, a boy whether he likes it or not,is obliged to work and earn.Whereas there is no such expectations from the girl.The normal system here is if a girl is not studying or working she should get married and settle down,whereas for the guy ,in order to get married and settle down,earning and working are prerequisites.I sometimes feel bad for my brothers and father that they have to work so hard even if they don’t like it.The argument that is held against them is that what the ladies do is equally tough and only the girls are held responsible for the family.That is so true,totally correct but there is a thing,what is the guy actually wants to swap jobs ,what if he wants family time over rigorous work? Everybody would love to be with family but here they are responsible for supporting them.

It is not like only girls are directed and made to walk on the pre decided path, the guys have to do it to, but I guess there thoughts are not voiced as much.I have seen my dad in stress and pressure of work,it is not a pleasant sight to watch it because of the ideal characteristics laid down by the society of how a man should be,he controls his problems and restricts him to themselves.As the society projects a man to be strong and very independent that just to live up to the bench mark they might actually be suppressing how they feel.A girl is never questioned on crying,its like her trade-her thing,but if a boy cries what is the first thing said-“stop acting like a girl”.See here is the difference just expressing what you feel and pouring out your emotion is made tough for a guys.he turns sissy the moment he cries(for the society).

I really sympathize with them sometimes,they have to do all the hard and heavy sort of work,talking at the domestic level of course,a woman is not assumed to do it because they are a little to dainty and ‘girly’ to do these tasks.There might be times they do not want to do it but have to do it.This scenario is always linked with the housewife that she has to work whether she likes or not,but same goes for the man.Their voice is not voiced as much that leaves their problems unnoticed.But it does not mean that the thing that is not noticed is not actually happening.


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