The Other Side To Life Part II

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Who does not want to look good,I think nobody would deny that the like looking pretty or handsome.But what if a man wears make-up?Yes the actors and all do wear it but here I talk about the normal ‘mango’ people.If one sees a guy wearing rouge or a lipstick,first reaction is a laughter or a sarcastic comment because they are not supposed to do things this way.The makeup sections belongs to the girl,taking a lot of time to get ready is girly too.So if a boy does either of them he is definitely homosexual or transgender or just needs a psychiatrist.At least that is how our society feels.They want to look ,they want to take their time to get ready so they should be able to do that instead of being commented upon.there are different types of clothes assigned to both genders and we find girls cribbing a lot about the rules they are asked to follow while dressing but I actually feel a little sorry for the boys in this area as well.A girl can wear shirts and pants that are so called boys clothes),but what if i say a boy wearing a frock?or saree?or skirt?.I know there is a smile on your face, one is there on mine too.But there is clear disadvantage for boys,even though this is a very petty issue,extremely minor but these minor things matter too.

General category people have always been cribbing about reservations for the backward class,but the boys have double trouble.In addition to the reservation of classes is female reservation-in colleges,in jobs and various other organisations.But what is talked about are the rights of girls,how they need empowerment and the poor boys are neglected.Their are plenty of girls schools and colleges,by girls are mean only girls ,but there are only a few only boys school or colleges.In Delhi university there are a number of only girls colleges but no only boy college that i know of.Yet girls get reservation, in form of a certain deduction in required percentage, even in the co-ed colleges.So they have lesser and lesser seats with them.


we have always heard of incidents of eve-teasing and stalking of girls,but only a few of the same with boys.Being a girl i know girls stare at boys at public places and pass comments on them but mostly these things do not come into notice,but the moment a guys is caught seeing a girl,there is a big scene.Its not like I feel staring and commenting is viable or okay on the boys part but same should be for girls.If they look at guys or comment ,it is healthy flirting and ‘just for fun’ stuff,but if sides are swapped the fun is switched with being a jerk and altogether it turns into a crime.Doing such things is not justified but it is not justified for both boys AND girls.The discrimination lies here,and this time the alignment is towards girls and boys re at the losing end.

There are hundreds of places where a girl has to compromise and adjust but there is another similar set for boys as well.Everyone who has traveled in any public transport must have seen the sign-‘for ladies,senior citizen and physically disabled’,there is no such room or space for boys there,as if they do not get tired.One thing that is offensive for girls here is their categorization with old and physically disabled people.They do not need help or special treatment so this sign is quite offensive in those terms but what i aim on pointing is that boys do not get any such privilege.Delhi metro is like the lifeline of Delhi,the best public transport according to me.In the metro there is a reserved coach for ladies only and any male passenger is not allowed to enter in it,well it is justified to avoid teasing incidents.The thing is that even in the genera coaches ladies get reserved seats,it is not like males do not sit on them but most of the time they are asked to get up,the thing is that this particular perk is not called for.Having seats or reservations her is so not needed.this is just one instance  there may be another hundred like this where men are deprived.Women should get what they deserve and what they are entitled to but not more than that,the additional should be out of their own efforts.A mother tries to be equal and unbiased towards her children,she might be a little more supportive to one,but she definitely would not snatch things from one and gift it to another.Tat is what happening now,in the name of equality the basic balance of equality is being ignored.

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Their opportunities are lesser and they also loose at many levels but still they are the one’s being blamed for all the complications of sexual discrimination.So what I say is that -it is not like women empowerment is wrong or uncalled for,surely it is well needed and well suited, but that blaming the other sex for the problem is totally incorrect,because they are themselves victims of the societal rules and boys and girls together blame the society and change the society!!!

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