Slumber parties are the Best parties!

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A sleepover, or a slumber party, or a pajama party is one of the most fun events in a teenager’s life. It is when you go over to your friend’s house, or invite one or more friends to your house, to spend the night. And sleeping is the last thing on your mind for that night.

Being a girl, the sleepovers I host, or attend are full of a ton of activities. I personally feel that an all-girls sleepover is way more fun that an all-boys sleepover. When my male friends have their friends staying over, they either play FIFA, or some other game on the PS4. Or at times they watch movies (The Dark Knight Rises series, or The Hangover, or Ironman series). But we girls don’t really have such fixed plans for sleepovers. We do whatever we want to, depending on our mood, and that is so much more fun.

But something which is a must-do for a sleepover is have “discussions”. We, girls can literally talk about any topic under the sun. But of course, our favourite topic to talk about is, and will always be-BOYS! Sleepovers for girls are the opportunities when they can meet their best-friends for hours at a stretch, and vent their hearts out about which guy said what, and who did what for whom etc. it actually feels so much lighter to have these group discussions with our best-friends. And then, problems which otherwise seemed so big, seem so trivial and very very funny.

Sometimes, we even have these makeover sessions, just for fun. Where we like to braid or style each others’ hair; we exchange clothes, plan what to wear for an upcoming event, and click LOTS of pictures. And not to forget the midnight-Maggi sessions and this is literally a ‘ritual’, whether we are hungry or not.


Not like we don’t play games or watch movies with friends. But it has to be something fun and different at night. Hence we play games like “Truth and Dare” or “I have Never”. And if we decide to watch movies, it literally HAS to be some romantic comedy, or a very emotional, and overly dramatic movie, which leaves us all teary.

So for those of you, who haven’t really hosted sleepovers before, or haven’t really had fun, or done something bizarre in the middle of the night, here are some tips, which might come in handy.

Think of your ‘guest’ list. I don’t literally mean that you should invite a ton of people, but try calling 2 or more of your friends. Not a crowd, because ultimately everyone will need place to sleep, even if it is early in the morning.


After you have thought of your guest list, think of a theme for your slumber party. It can be simple like choosing a colour to dress in, or something as fun as having a fancy dress party. And if you really want to do something creative, then you can arrange for wacky props and costumes as well. Although an elaborate theme is usually reserved for birthday sleepovers, as it is not easy to arrange the desired props and costumes for every pajama party.

After inviting all your friends, you can then make a list of the materials you will need. And the main item in this list is FOOD. Because you will be up for the whole night, you will definitely end up feeling very hungry. So keep snacks ready at hand. It can be basic things like Maggi, soft drinks, chips or popcorn. You do not have to bother your parents with getting fancy stuff for your friends, arranging for things on your own, is way more fun. If you enjoy baking, you can also make mini brownies or cupcakes, and show-off your baking skills. They do not take much time and effort anyway, and your friends really feel special if you do something like this for them.

Another important thing is for those of you who have siblings at home. Make sure you make arrangements with your siblings to sleep in some other room, or not to tell your parents about the crazy costume session, you will be having. Although most parents won’t mind, it is way more fun to add the secret element to a bizarre idea. You can convince your siblings by giving them food. Yes, it is that simple to get your sibling to sleep in the guest room for a night!


And finally when your friends are over, play some music, dance, play video games, gossip, watch a movie or play games. You can host “walk the ramp” games, play Truth or Dare, or Pop goes the Party, Hide and seek and even board games like “the Game of Life”. And one of my all-time favourite things to do is have a ghost-story session. Switch off all the lights, and sit with torches, and enjoy the spooky tales your friends tell you.

So I hope you enjoyed these tips to enjoying the perfect slumber party, with your best-friends. Because once in a while, we all need our mini-versions of the ‘sex and the city’ experience!

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