Our Society: An Indian Women Outlook

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Society is nothing but a group of people living together in a more or less ‘orderly’ community ‘cause we always knew that ‘United we stand, and divided we fall.’

Well, the society that we reside in today’s developed times is prejudiced, and is such that it doesn’t leave any stone unturned in pulling you back if it but senses that you are going to make an attempt towards progress. “Humans understand each other” is a total misnomer; and we don’t feel an ounce of shyness when we wear the fake armour of being the most advanced race with the above phrase carved blatantly on it. It’s either we don’t want to understand, or we are really incapable of understanding each other I know not; but, I do know that the upshot is just sad. Yes, women constitute the physically weaker sex, but that doesn’t give any rights to men to look down upon them. The lovely male dominated society that we live in today has incubated an atmosphere where women are no longer safe, leave alone being respected.
Our elders had prudently instilled in us that ‘Every woman is either our mother or our sister'; but I reckon as we developed through the technological phases and everything, we but shed off these values that mattered the most; the values that actually made us human.
This society of ours has altered itself giving its reins to the men community such that every morning, when the lovely Sun comes up, and the birds start to chirp, is nothing less than a real struggle for women. They have to literally fight their way to get the rights that have been handed to them by the Constitution. Well, let’s say handed to them on paper.

When the male version of the spouse comes home late after a little “amusement” and beats his better half, the society wears its glares of discrimination and sees nothing wrong in it. Well, the law clearly says that it is an offence, but which mortal would think of going against the society? Not a cowardly one for sure.
So, it’s totally alright for the men to get drunk, and do whatever they feel like at home, ‘cause hell, it’s their home; they earn the bread, so they rule it; but it’s a total taboo for a woman to go outside and amuse herself, and we are talking about the limited and controlled amusement here. Why? ‘cause she’s a female, who, by the unwritten laws of the society, is supposed to stay at home, and do all the daily chores, wear “decent” clothes, and behave “decently”. Men can do whatever, and behave as indecently as they want; but women, a big no! That’s the fair society we live in where inequality is the order of the day.

When a wife is clearly distressed about her husband’s behaviour, which might involve him beating her, ‘cause beating of wives is very common in the society we live in. It’s like mosquitoes flying around; nobody bothers. So, if the wife is fed up, it’s an often scenario when she doesn’t really have an option to file for a divorce. The society bears such a weight on the innocent soul, that she is forced to continue. SHE has to think about THEIR children, THEIR home, and the wagging tongues of the people that she chooses to sacrifice her happiness.
If a man leaves his wife for another woman, it’s not so much of a big deal. However, if a woman follows the same footsteps, it’s a freakin’ national news. There is a stigma that gets glued to women when they but try to go against the norms of the society.
If a wife files for a divorce because she can’t cope up with her husband’s inhumane behaviour, the society circulates newspapers saying all sorts of nonsense like,” She doesn’t understand. She is selfish. She is a maniac.” Most men and most women are under the wrong impression that the feminine sex can’t ‘survive’ in the outside world without men. So, according to this logic, it’s totally alright for a man to remain single, but if a woman doesn’t marry, WOAH! It creates more panic than the outbreak of any plague.
Women are as competent as men, and there is no way on this Earth that they can’t live independently.

When a woman is raped in this society of ours, the victim is looked down upon because of the stigma she carries. So, just because some guy didn’t know the constraints of being a human, the woman has to suffer.  She was present at the wrong place, and at the wrong time; that’s her fault.
Many a times the poor victim, who has already suffered a lot owing to the monster becomes the object of so many torturous ill talks that she finds it easier to commit suicide than to live further. So, in a way, the society, with stigma as its torch bearer, puts its hand around the innocent girl’s neck, and strangles her.
A man, who commits such a heinous crime, should bear the brunt, and not the woman. It’s the man who should commit suicide in hope to wash away his sins, not the woman. Well, it’s an awesome society that we live in indeed.

It’s not a case only in the villages, but even in the cities, many parents’ POA about their daughter involves making her a graduate, and then getting her married off, ‘cause, “No one will marry if she’s around twenty five; and marriage is a must for their survival.” We might have developed superficially, but mentally we are still very backward. Why can’t a woman do it if a man can? They give birth to a human! They can do everything.

Then, there are these old customs that are still followed in many parts, which involve changing your wives name. It doesn’t matter if she happy with it or not, the society is paramount.
There are many organisations that pay women less as compared to their male counterparts. Well, that’s just ridiculous. The society that we boast about so much is nothing but an amalgamation of inequality, discrimination and prejudice; and it’s ALWAYS the women who have to suffer.
A woman is supposed to understand everything, and sacrifice whatever she has; unwillingly or willingly; the society cares not!

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