A special Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates worldwide, though most countries celebrate it early on in the year, between the months of April-June. In India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May. It is marked as a day when we celebrate the special and beautiful relation between a mother-figure and a child. I use the term “mother-figure” because it is not necessary that we have to celebrate this day only with our mothers; it can be any woman who has been like a mother to us- our grandmothers, aunts, sisters, teachers and so on.
Suppose we were to ask ourselves “What is the definition of a mother?” I guess I can correctly say that many of us would be at a loss for words, because there is just so much to say. According to Wikipedia, “A mother is a woman who has raised a child, given birth to a child and/or supplied the egg which in union with a sperm grew into a child. The definition can also be extended to non-human animals and may then also include being the animal that donated a body cell which has resulted in a clone.”
That is the technical definition though. To me, my mother is not only the woman who gave birth to me, and raised me into a fine young woman, I daresay, but also a friend, a teacher, a guide and most importantly my Guardian-Angel.
I call her my friend because I can talk to her, freely, about so many things. Be it about a fight with a friend, about who said what to someone in a party, about which dress to wear before I go out or even when I have boy-trouble! She magically understands exactly how I feel and I don’t even need to explain my perspective to her.

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I call her my teacher because she has in fact taught me most of all I know.  Starting from how to take that first step without catching hold of her finger, or how to say my first word ‘mama’. Hell she has even been after me with my ABCs, trying to correct my “elo-melo-pee” to “L, M, N, O, P” for hours at a stretch (though at that age I barely ever understood the difference)! I still remember those endless rhyme-sessions we used to have when she used to make me bathe. She would keep repeating the same rhyme over and over again, in the hope that listening to her would make me learn it by heart! And how can I forget my most annoying habit of sprawling on the floor, with pencil, eraser and paper in hand, trying to learn the spelling of my name. She would keep repeating “S-H-I-V-A-N-G-I” over and over again as I would keep writing it, then erase what I wrote, and ask her to repeat it again!
I call her my guide because whenever I have been at cross-roads in my life, be it for the smallest of things, to things as big as deciding between career options, she has always been there to take my hand and tell me that she supports me no matter which road I take, though always leaving a hint at which is the right road. She isn’t imposing or pushy, and her subtle ways are what makes her the best guide ever. Because although I feel I am taking my own decisions, I also know that I am doing the right thing.
And most importantly, she is my guardian angel. Because for as long as she is around, I know no harm can touch me. She will always stand as a barrier between any harm which approaches me, and she will not let it even brush against me.
So now that I have some-what summarised the relationship I share with my mother, you must be expecting me to say that she is “The best mother in the world!” but no I will not do that. Because I mean who are we to compare? And on what basis? A mother is a mother. To me, my mother is amazing, and the same goes for you.
Now to move on to what Mother’s Day is all about. To most of us it is a day when we celebrate our love for our mother. We give her gifts, make cards for her, and try being on our best behaviour for as long as possible! But there are also some people who feel we shouldn’t really be doing all of this just for a single day, but throughout the year, because doing it ‘forcibly’ for a day is kind of superficial. But according to me, that’s the whole point—it isn’t a forced celebration. It’s just a conscious one. It is a day when we do not take our mums for granted but try giving back all the love they’ve given us throughout the year. We can’t equal a mother’s love in a life-time, but we can take out a day to tell her that she is the most special person in our lives. And I mean c’mon, there’s no fun in making conscious efforts to be on our best behaviour throughout the year; now THAT would be superficial!








So now that this year’s Mother’s Day is almost upon us (11th May, 2014), let us do something special for a change. This year don’t just make cards and buy gifts for your own mother, but do something for mothers all around you. No I am not asking you to burn a hole in your wallet, but just make that extra effort to be appreciative of all the mothers around you—be it your grandmother, an aunt, a sister who happens to be a mother, or has been like a mother to you, a teacher, the neighbour-aunty, and even your domestic help. On this special day this year, make every mother around you happy. You can do this by giving them a hug, or a small token of love, or even telling them that their presence in your life makes you so very grateful. And trust me, the smile you will receive in return will make the day special for you too. Coupled with that are their blessings, and yummy food is a bonus too.
So go out there, and tell all the mums you know that they are simply amazing for everything that they are and everything that they do. Make this mother’s day special, for them and for you!

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