Stray- Inappropriate for Adaring

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Human beings are selfish. Our ever ambitious and long reaching grasp has got us everything. In the anomaly of our greed and drive, we forget to widen our sight as we are too blinded by our own thirst. It’s haunting when you put yourself in another person’s position and look at their lives to understand their predicament. This is written in nearly all the religious scriptures all round the world. We should do to others what we wish to be done to us. This decree, though rarely followed, is taken too literally. I say, why not follow it universally, for all living creatures. I am an animal lover and I want every person out there who has led a selfish unassuming life till now, to look beyond themselves to understand the state of the animals who face danger every waking moment of their lives. It is fair to say that we are a privileged race. It’s not that we are smarter, it’s not that we are technologically equipped but the mere fact that we can express ourselves, make us a privileged race. I often put myself in the position of helpless strays that we often trample or even run over on the streets. I wrote this when I was in such a state once-

I roam around, all alone
With no rules to abide
Only dirt and squalor on me
Feeling dirty inside.

There is no dawn for me
No sense of beauty in twilights
Because beauty cannot touch lives
Ruled by raging fights.

Fights for food, fights for shade
Under the large garage
On a fiery noon, or wet days
Little joys, little mirage.

In my world, there is sleep
A refuge from reality
A run from the truth
A hiding from the cruel city.




I feared before
Eyes once closed might never open
What if this rest be the ultimate
A graveyard, a solitary den.

Living this life has taught me
To acknowledge that solitary den
In which rests my loved ones
Many a family, who have fallen.

I had a heart that loved
Which might have also died
As it saw all those deaths
The pain too much, tears have dried.

The cruel city is where I discovered
An existence, my very inception
And from there on, I live
Just to serve, searching salvation.

Yet among these tears
There is still hope of finding
An ending to my suffering
An end to all my longings.

That hope arises when
I see one who cares
A piece of bread, some milk
Some gentle stares.

A single pat soothes the soul
A single tickle soothes the pain
Your food does not feed my hunger
It feeds my mind, insane.


sad dog


You kill, you destroy
And yet you remain spared
And I a fool, love you
Even if I am scared.

An existence where bloodstains
Are easier to find than joy
Please try to ease my pain
Acknowledge me, even if as a toy.

Jealousy takes over me
When I see my kinds joyful
In your houses, in your hearts
Careful, joyous, wonderful.

And I ask what did I do wrong?
That I am not getting the same
While I toil for comfort
Living a life of hardship and shame.

They get warmth
All the comfort in the world
While my neck is covered with wounds
They have bands with emerald.

It is never fair
For god to have distributed
Love so blindly, for some so rich
While others are segregated.

I beg to every man
This life of helplessness
This existence of utter depravity
This false belief, this hope of blindness.

Is too much for me
Give me love or take me out of my misery
Don’t give me a night
If you cannot make it starry.

I will continue this walk alone
And I will seek no companion
Of my kind, for the pain of losing them
Is too much to bear, as I had many time done.

I will just seek your one pat,
Your kind tickle, and in your lap I will sit
And would prefer death
Only end I would like to meet.




The general helplessness which these creatures feel is sad and almost un-relatable. Humans are a cruel race. I have seen kids who stone the poor passive creatures sitting on the sides of the road for no apparent reason. I have seen drivers who run over these poor animals without having single thought of compassion. I have seen people eating to their heart’s content in various food stalls without granting the poor roadside creatures a look, to ignore these emasculated beings and to fulfil their own tastes of merriment and frenzy. Humans are a cruel race. We believe that the only solution to the increase in the population of the stray dogs is to put them out of their misery. We don’t think, even for a second, what impact it would have if we could organise a charity which would look into the well-being of these helpless animals. Forget the prospect of an animal welfare charity, we don’t even feed the poor hungry animals who look at us with their helpless gaze. We need to develop a conscience and act on it. We need to care.




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