Strong Mothers in Media

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In an ever superfluous flow of time, there are few words or emotions which remain unchanged. The word mother is very powerful. A term which is described by millions of other terminologies all around the world, Ma, amma, ai, baa, all arouse the same sensation of warmth and grace in all of our minds. The word itself is so potent that any act of care in any corner of the world can be associated with it. The seraph of eternal kindness Mother Teresa is a mother for all of humanity because of her compassion. Her kindness and care is so universal, a mere simple nun through her acts of benevolence and love has set up one of the most potent charitable organisation is the world, The Missionaries of Charities. My mother is the dearest person for me and I am sure I am not alone in this disclamation. The emotion associated with a mother hasn’t changed, but the role of the mother has. A different world and a different society has evolved the role of the mother. She is no longer the mother to one; she is now the mother to a generation.

The portrayal of the mother has been varied, some artistic, some conniving, some endearing in the various forms of the media. Strong mothers are the toast of literature and visual media all over the world.

Norma Rae(1979)- It is a movie starring Sally Field, Beau Bridges and Ron Leibman. – A wry old and determined woman in Lincoln, one can see Sally Field in her young and rose-cheeked days. A pint sized ball of fearsome tenor, one relates to this young lady because she is a force of nature. A single mother working in a textile mill in Alabama, like everyone else in her family, Norma meets Reuben, a union organizer. An orthodox person just trying to live, Norma is dating Sonny and looking down a long road of remarriage and repeating the same life as her parents; tired, older mill workers with narrow lives waiting to die. Their relationship is like a whirlwind of contrasts and rebuttals where Norma is left to make a difficult decision in the end that shakes her life forever. Her determined protests and invigorating spirit is shown when she protests the despondency meted out to the same old lethargy and ill-treatment meted out to the mill workers. Norma Rae is about a fierce mother who decides to change her age-old ways to make a brighter future for her children.




Michaela Odone in Lorenzo’s Oil, 1992- Susan Sarandon is one the most versatile actresses in the present generation. A fierce example of feminism at its core starkness, Sarandon has played a couple of roles in her life, that has cemented her place in the mind of the movie go-er forever. In Lorenzo’s Oil, she and Nick Nolte play a married couple devastated by the cruel angst of fate: their son has a terrible disease, whose incurability the wife is loath to accept. Mothers are the beacon of understanding. She understands when her child is young and immature, she understands when the child grows up and they need space and she also understands if her child is in disarray. The scenes where she tries to make peace with her son’s illness are heart-wrenching. In a moment of spectacular subtlety, Sarandon shows how accepting bad news can be a mother’s most taxing form of heroism.


Michaela Odone


Masoom- Shekhar Kapoor’s debut attempt at film directing came with this heart breaking drama which is known majorly for its amazing musical score. Shabana Azmi’s character, Indu’s happily married life comes to a screeching halt of melancholy, when she find out that her husband, DK, has resorted to infidelity in the past and has a son as a result. Upon the death of his mother, the son’s existence is brought into the notice of DK and he is accepted by DK into his family. However, Indu never accepts of her husband’s betrayal and never gives the child the love he deserves. Dramatic turn of events lead Indu to understand the innocence of the child’s heart (hence the name of the movie) and open her heart to him. This magnificent display of the sensitivity of a mother’s heart, is a virtue which is universally celebrated all around the world.




Mrs. Lancaster, The Fault in Our Stars- This woman is a strong, caring, and fun loving mother who is willing to do anything for her cancer-ridden daughter, Hazel. For a mother, her child’s well-being is the most important thing in the world. Hence a rude reality that her child does not really have a future can leave her befuddled and abysmally depressed. She throws Hazel random birthday parties and actually celebrates any little moment she can with her daughter. A mother, who can shroud her infinite sadness with the cloth of jolliness and tranquillity, is a woman of extreme courage and substance. Hats off to Mrs Lancaster!




I believe that every mother in every corner of the world is a virtual superstar. I believe that my mom is a kick-ass person who can show vulnerability and demand respect with the same statement. I love her, I fear her, I care for her and I respect her. I bow down to her.

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