What students of Kolkata face in Private Girl’s Institute

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THE AC FEVER: On entering the classroom, when the first thing you do is check whether the AC is switched on or not, in the middle of the lecture you turn your head to check whether the AC is still switched on or not and if someone switches it off, you murmur curses under your breath. When it agitates you more than a sarcastic comment coming from the professor, you know you belong to such an institute.

THE DEJECTED CAFETERIA: Such high hopes you had standing outside the cafeteria door, but sadly they were all smashed into pieces once you made your entry! When you looked around 180 degrees and literally found nothing, NOTHING. When the sight of the long list of food items manages to make you smile, seconds after which it turns into a frown on being dropped back to reality where there are just a few cold momos and sandwiches for your service, and when that little man behind the counter irritates you, yes my friend, you know you are a part of such an institution!

HANGOUT SPOT: You have to have that one spot in college where you can hangout with your friends. There is always this one particular place which every single person is attracted to. You probably click a dozen of profile pictures for your social networking sites there. Such institution always has that one spot on a minimum!

WAR: We love to fight. Especially when it comes to taking over the yoga/choreography room. Fashion Show group Vs Eastern Dance Vs Western Dance group Vs Bollywood group. And it’s a treat to the eyes seeing all the hot girls coming together and fighting over one damn room! You know you’re a part of such an institute when you have been a part, or at least witnessed such fights!

BOYS/MEN – SUCH A RARE THING: Barring a few departments, that moment when you are so blessed that you witness a male person inside the campus which makes you feel that those creatures still exist, you almost feel a sense of relief. You know you’re a part of such an institute when a male inside the campus gives you a sense of joy!


NON-EXISTENT WIFI: That moment when you tried to connect your phone with the college wifi and you failed, FAILED, miserably! No one expected a speed of 0.1 kbps, NO ONE! You can feel proud to call yourself a part of such an institute when you have – #$&*@@# *,*&^#@, !##$%^& to the wifi connection, if you know what I mean!

I AM SCARED: We haven’t seen enough of her, but the very thought of the teacher in charge scares you, a parent call marks the end of the world for you. You feel that way? Well, you are a part of such an institute.

WE ARE CREATIVE: We like to party, on any occasion. Freshers, Farewell, Teacher’s day, This day, That day, etc. And to bring that party-feel, we want lights. Now, you know you are a true student of such an institute when you have used coloured cellophane sheets over the white light, especially red, instead of LED lights, and had a marvelous time!

WE LOVE OUR PROFESSORS: Maybe a few teachers back from school had mentioned that in college, it is more of a professional relationship with the teachers. Well, definitely such institutes proved them wrong. You know you are a part of such an institute when you have shared more than a dozen of personal stuffs with your teachers and it was of immense help!

MARWARI COLLEGE: People have this idea here that if it is an expensive college, then it is definitely a Marwari college. How racist are you? We have a pretty diverse population you see – Marwaris, Gujratis, Bengalis, Madrasis, Punjabis, Chinese, Africans, etc. And we all live in harmony and have a marvelous time!

RICH DAD’S DAUGHTERS: I am broke. My friends not treat me, so apparently they are broke. And I know I’m not the only one so I assume majority are broke. The ones with rich dads are miserly. If we are hungry we search for the cheapest place nearby, because we cannot afford our cafeteria’s food, and by chance if we don’t find any, we beg, borrow or starve ourselves to death. We don’t steal, we are moralistic poor people.

THE GIRLS ARE DUMB: Wait what? We are not dumb. Maybe we are out of your league, or too sarcastic for you to understand, or too intellectual for you to handle, or too smart for you to catch, or maybe just too lazy to talk to you because your perspectives won’t match with ours anyway. During a conversation, you will stare blankly at the English, Philosophy, Bengali, History and similar subject student’s intellect and gulp at a Geography student’s knowledge. You don’t have to speak to JMC’s and Economics students because one look is enough. BBA and Bcom’s practicality can make you pee on your pants, and the rest are technology freaks so, you better watch out!

IT’S SUCH A SCHOOL: No matter how much we complain, we believe that each institute should maintain some amount of discipline and strictness. Without it we wouldn’t be what we are today, We wouldn’t be a class apart. Period.

WE HAVE PLENTY OF BOYS DROOLING BEHIND US: If you see some, let us know. Our spectacles and binoculars can’t detect any. We sometimes feel that we are romantically challenged. Save us from that tragedy. Thank you.

WE ENJOY FREE WIFI: I don’t know about free wifi, but we sure have a lot of patience to handle a 0.1 kbps speed.

“THEY ARE GIRLS, WHAT MORE CAN WE DO?”: Break your face maybe?

“THEY HAVE A SWIMMING POOL”: Have we bought the pool in our names? Dude, give me a break! Half the students haven’t seen the pool yet! This myth gives us a reality check. That makes me sad now. It’s not funny anymore.

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