Submissive women- A choice

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Women are those miraculously confusing part of the society , each similar yet different in their own unique way. Women love changing their roles, they want to be someone/something at one point of time and a totally contrasting thing at the other. It is highly confusing yet attracting leaving men/guys to wonder what she actually wants. They desperately seek or intend to get used to or adjust with one side of her and bam! she’s completely something else- someone he thought she could never be and it’s highly luring and intriguing.

Now the bigger question is do women do it on purpose ? Straight forwardly yes! And why ? because women love confusing men, being completely innocent, docile and submissive at one point and then to being blunt , naughty and dominating at some other point. Well all women might not do it on purpose but then most of them do and probably that is the only reason men/guys can never figure out what she’s thinking and what she wants. She plays with her sides but not in front of all the people but just those few she can manage to do it with and the one’s she love. Sometimes she herself gets surprised by how bold or how meek she can be.

submissive women-  a choice

With all this idea of feminism spreading around the world leading women to fight for their equal rights and to be in a position equal to men ,do they consider being a little submissive as anti feminism ? I really don’t think so.It is not the little submission that women fear , it is the constant submissive position in the society that they actually fear. She would not want to end her life being in someone else’s control or following someone else’s decisions but she won’t really mind being down for the sake of the people she loves or being submissive to people she wants to be with. Now there is a big difference between willing submission and forceful submission and people really need to understand that. They are just not supposed to believe that she is supposed to be down because of her sex.

Also there is a difference between submission and compromise. While submission is compliance, obedience and/or surrender , compromise on the other hand is something mutual and two sided. If she submits to you once just to keep you happy  does not mean she needs to or is supposed to submit to you for life. Submission is letting go of your thing while compromising gives you a middle way. Women do both, depending on the situation or on her mood probably.

Talking about willing submission, why is that any woman/girl would want to submit to her man ? Why will she surrender ?The answer to this is very simple, it’s because women find dominance in men very attractive and fascinating and hence they won’t mind being submissive at times. Women love to argue and to give their opinion on anything and everything even on matters they don’t really know about and sometimes she does that intentionally just to be stopped, argued or to be dominated by her man. She finds the authority and the commanding force sexy. It gives her an image of a strong intelligent man. She enjoys being scolded or annoyingly stared at at times, it makes her go all red and blush. But there has to be a limit to everything, she will definitely mind if all you are doing is proving her that how dumb and wrong she is and you treat her like your submissive. There is a fine line between everything and that should be taken care of.

If a man/guy command something from his woman/girl authoritatively and in a very dominating manner it makes her believe that he really wants/needs it and hence she is all willing to let go her views and opinions maybe ego at times and do what he wants her to do or what he commands her to do. Submissive is a dangerous word  and it has both negative and positive connotations attached to it. So if a woman is being submissive to you, letting her choice go and doing what you like – you surely are a lucky man and very important to her. There are supposed to be some soft limits and hard limits for you are not supposed to go harsh on her and hurt her emotions or sentiments in any possible way. She might go a little down and be extra obedient only if she is sure that you are not going to press her too hard and not take it to an extent where it is unbearable.

Dominance to few women is attractive – they enjoy it but not at the stake of losing their self respect and dignity, definitely not in a demeaning way. Submission and dominance in a way where you both enjoy it not just one person, probably in a playful manner not in a way where it degrades the other person. So you see submission or surrender by a woman to her man is really her choice not her duty. She is not supposed to be submissive unless she wants to be by her choice, willingly and happily.

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