Are your summer break going boring?

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Summer break without a plan out is boring. The everyday routine, and the TV and social networking sites frustrated and irritates you more. No one around and you are doomed in the boredom. Let’s see what one can do to have the best vacations ever.

Make a list.  A list of things you wish to do, places you are longing to go for. You may have some list of cleaning your house, or going to meet your relatives or old friends.


Plan a reunion: one can plan a reunion for friends or family. Can have dinner or lunch and host a small party enjoying the gossips, games, a movie at your house, or a day out picnic with your pals, or family. Your closed one’s can make your feel better in this busy materialistic world.

How about decorating your house? : One can redecorate the house by making things, by own. Something exciting and creative, that one can try out. Planting trees in your garden, painting you wall, decorating walls with some artistic thing shopped or made by you. There are so many things one can do by being creative when it comes to decorating your house or bedrooms.

Want to try out the adventure? : one can go for a campaign or trekking adventure by joining some group of friends or by paying and meeting new people which will help one to explore one self. You can try out new things by which you will enjoy the adventure as well as your heart will be at peace. Try new things to have wonderful memories in your future. One can also get to see new places, their culture and way of living. Trying out new foods and enjoying the beauty of nature. One can click pictures to show family and friends. You can also try to explore your own city and visit the places where you have not visited and imagine being your own city tourist. How exciting it is isn’t it!

Want to learn new things? : If you don’t want to go out, one can also learn various things by joining classes.

Hobby classes: one can learn drawing, painting, cooking, crafts, etc and learn the new way of being creative. One can also start joining dance classes, yoga sessions or gym to start a healthy life. One can also learn new languages by joining the available classes around. If your know every things as such above, open your own new hobby classes business, make pamphlets and distribute in your locality or advertise on social sites. You can make other learn good creative arts.

Organize something for kids in your locality or society:  can you see the kids playing in your garden bored of everyday playing same games. Organize a camp in your garden, a picnic or a small party with games, food and drinks for them. They will enjoy but even you will enjoy seeing them cherishing your way of making them enjoy. You can also have a pajama night party with your own pals at your place or a stupid Halloween or fancy dress competition.

Start writing novels, journals, or blogging: one can start writing articles, blogging or keep a journal or a dairy. One can start a cooking, writing, photography blog too.

Try getting internship or summer jobs: one can also try getting internships or summer job and have a wonderful experience working in summer and having a great experience which can help in the future jobs too. There are many internships or jobs available on the sites if your check them out.

One can start a home business: if you are good at making, jewelry, greeting cards, pickles, chocolates, ice creams, cakes, brownies one can start its own business in summer with various creative ideas. If you are good at fashion trends, start blogging about the ideas you think are better in the field of fashion, you can make your own part time work as a fashion adviser or start your own boutique.

Start reading or join a library: if you enjoy doing research or love reading you can enjoy having books around you, you laptop and a cup of coffee doing research on different things and making your own research journal.

Join a social service: you can give your help to the needy around, join a social service with a group of same interest people and you can help the poor, or children try educating them about the things around, donate your blood to the needy, give a helping hand in the old age home or orphanages, and meet them. Let them feel good, this can also bring your heart at peace and make you realize how there are people who suffer more than you. Give out clothes, food, books to the needy.

Last but not the least which every other Indian enjoys:  go to your grand mom, or any relative cousins, friends place to stay for some days or call them at your home and enjoy playing games with them, going for a movie, hanging around with them, go for shopping. Discuss your thoughts and views with them, and give them your advice or ask advice from them on atopic you want.

There is a lot to do and enjoy. But remember to give your family and friends equal time. Stay healthy, stay happy. Keep smiling J

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