Summer in the City

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Every other summer paints the scene of an always fiery ball of extreme hotness high up in the sky, taking tolls on both the physical and mental well being of everything it can soak its blazing rays upon. It has been the same since forever, and it is only more pronounced than ever as of now. About a century or so ago at the most, a larger number or at least half of the population would have been poor folks living in huts or sub-standard homes which would have been easily affected by what might be perhaps the highest intensity of the sun. Times have changed, and so has the economy that is drastically been upped from then on, thus giving way to a rise in the number of people who are able to afford a basic shelter–a house with a solid roof, and four walls made of concrete. These places obviously are a better guard to fend oneself from the glare of the sun. Now this short write-up was to only mirror the differences of how residences were, and are now, in the way of providing coverage from that huge star which is the center of our solar system.

Though the majority of the residences today are built up of concrete, and even if we may say that they offer safety against the sun, the opinion of very many is that the contribution in the uprising of the scorching heat of late is largely due to the increase in such concrete places that require the felling of many more trees, for greenery is a pillar of shade and protector of coolness; it is quite proven that the absence of so much trees is an arrow pointing to the fact that the red mercury mark has been on the rise, and does not show signs of coming down each summer. In fact, with more enterprising ventures coming up rapidly, temperatures are on a constant soaring

high. Thanks to this, the climate always seems to be the same, come what season.

This might as well be the precise reason why people prefer their summer retreats in the countryside villages, resorts and lodges; they know well of what the summer in the city holds for them, and so shift their gears towards more cooler landscapes to enjoy that pleasant sort of summer while they can. For in the city, a summer means plain hotness with no holes to hide into, to get away from the heat.

Clothing has always been season specific, and to defy those ‘rules’ simply mean to hand oneself a term sentence for the suffering experienced, to have deviated from what ought to be worn. Light cotton clothes whose shades is lighter are the generally prescribed type of outfits for the hottest season there is. It is atypical in cities for all those apparel stores lined up in the malls or the shopping districts to create new collections, aimed at making the season a bearable one with the right gear for consumers with all the care taken in designing the summer specific clothes. But how many actually are putting their feet forward to head to these stores to check out the outfits at the least? There are multitudes still sticking to wearing black–which is scientifically proven to absorb more heat.

With not just an article being black, dark full-on outfits are also found aplenty in the crowds. It is sweltering, of course: is what comes pat off of their mouths in reply if asked whether they feel hot. Then why wear it at all? ‘Meh, dunno’, is what follows. True it is that jeans or anything denim are said to be apt for all seasons. However, would that apply for all instances? As for me, even looking at those tight jeans that is commonly preferred and worn by everyone specially in summer makes me feel hot. Having flesh entrapped in a thick, coarse material under the strict supervision of the sun at all times is pretty much the same as torture, only in a rather mild and socially ‘acceptable’ way, I could put it as.

Stores and stalls’ signs are splashed with shining announcements of the summer sales, as is for other seasons, too. But there is special significance for summer than any other, and this is earmarked by exceptional figures in the profit made by these summer special deals.

One more way to cash in the green when in summer is exceptionally exploited by the hotels and resorts: super attractive deals for the tariffs of rooms, and other services are offered which are sometimes actually good deals. What is more is that summer camps and classes are conducted within the premises; normal people never can make it to these places, but can pay the moderate fee charged for the classes that extend to a fortnight at most.

Shopping malls see a frenzied up rise in the number of visitors and shoppers: it is a refreshing environment to step into when the outsides are simply scorching. I put visitors before shoppers for the number of people coming in for merely enjoying the air conditioning exceed those of the actual consumers. I should admit that its quite fair though.

Summer in the city is a splendid thing if you have a knack of knowing what to do, and most find it easy to spot out these pleasure-points more than often. It’s just another sweet specialty of summer is all.


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