My Sweet Calcutta

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I moved to Calcutta as I started my college. Moving from the small town of Siliguri to the cultural capital of the country was a huge change. Nonetheless, as I joined Lady Brabourne College in Calcutta, to major in English literature, I made peace with the idea of delightful confectionary being just at my doorstep. Speaking of Calcutta brings to mind the familiar image of the Rasgulla that has moved many hearts, all across the nation. The fame of Indian sweets has spread all across the globe. Calcutta can proudly boast of having more than one sweet shop at almost every corner of an ordinary neighborhood. Besides tiny shops serving amazing dollops of joy, there are brands that lead the confectionary market. The Rasgulla is merely a stereotype of the sweets found in Calcutta. There are innumerable others, set apart by variety and taste, not to mention, distinctive yet characteristic features. The most favored sweet shops are K.C Das, Ganguram, Haldiram, Kookie Jar and many others.  Spread across the city are Bancharam branches that serve the delightful treats and the much loved, Mishti Doi which is essentially sweetened Yoghurt.

Inarguably, desserts are the most mouth-watering food items that come in a wide horizon of variations. They are colorful, differ in taste, and yet, despite the wide assortment of variations they never fail to appease the taste buds.

Lately the trends and experimental cooking has given birth to innovative confectionary. Sweets in Calcutta incorporate a gamut of flavors that have been selected and adopted so as to best fit the taste requirements of almost all pallets. Sweets can now be savored and enjoyed as per the individual preference of flavors. Inarguably, Calcutta is widely known for its dessert shops. This has not been confined to sweets, but most shops sell pastries, cakes and French baked goodies.

Famous dessert hubs in Calcutta are:

The Rouge emerges as one of the well-known food joints in Calcutta. It is popular despite the fact that it does not accommodate a large space. What makes it popular is the divine taste of the sweets that it offers. It is sure to leave an indelible impression. The experience is unique and unforgettable. The classic Brown boy contains a soft creamy mixture with a splendid caramel essence that is a delight for the mouth. The pleasant smell of refined sugar products lingers in the air. Besides this, one may explore a variety of other scrumptious eats. The Red velvet cake that is coupled with the rich Butter Cream filling combines the gorgeous texture of the red velvet with the amazing taste of the cream filling. The chocolate and vanilla fill the air with a light fragrance. The Rouge is a happening café located at 222, Circular Mansion, in AJC Bose Road, Kolkata. The price is affordable making it a must-visit. Within 300 rupees, two people can easily have a happy tummy.

 Shakespeare Sarani houses the reputed D-OH that is not only a cool place to hang out but also a great place to try desserts in Calcutta.

This is my personal favorite. Kookie Jar at Alipore has served a horde of distinguishable desserts that can be relished with utmost joy. It is outstanding when judged in terms of taste and quality. The chocolate cakes have melted chocolate that is lip-smacking and heart-warming at the same time. This destination is most visited owing to its fancy sugar treats, a popular chocolate strawberry crumble ball that is sure to make one want more. Kookie Jar lures a flood of ardent lovers from all across the nation and it has international fame too, owing to its innovative flavors and skillfully designed cakes.

 The French Loaf located atSarat Bose Roadis another destination for sweet edibles. The treats here come with an edge. As is evident, the air smells of Butter, which is chief to French cooking. Cheese cake is a special dessert here.

Ivory Kitchen in Camac Street aids one in exploring the desserts here. It is a storehouse of desserts that are a unique combination of fruits and condensed milk and cream.

Having stayed at Ballygunj for over a year now, I have frequented the Paris Café innumerable times with the hope of returning again. It specializes in French desserts, pastry, Madeline’s that are a combination of taste and smell. French baking has been redefined by the Paris Café and the place is pocket-friendly and a must visit. The décor has been suitably designed keeping in mind the exotic setting of Paris. Within just a 2 minutes’ walk is the Gupta Brothers. A small yet well decorated and clean shop, it sells the most amazing sweets to the people. I crave for the Gulbjamuns, Kaju Barfi and the Rabri, Kesar Malai and the Pista sweets that are the specialty there.

The joy of desserts enlivens any drab event, adds fun and taste to the dullest of feasts. Ending the meals with a plate of yummy milk sweets, garnished with crushed cashew nuts, almonds, cardamom is a wonderful end to a meal.calcutta desserts Hence Calcutta lives up to its fame of being the hub of people with a sweet-tooth.

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