Things she hopes for

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When I pass out from college, I want to have a couple of good friends who I know will be there for me whenever need them, people on whom I can count on anytime. I want to experience campus life in the university. I want to study well, come out with good grades and make my teachers proud. I want to learn more rather than just mugging up notes and bring in good marks. I want to have an amiable student-teacher relationship with my professors, like the ones we used to have in school, which is now lost in the rush of college life.

After I pass out from the university, I want a good and respectable job in the place of my interest. I want to earn a good amount of money and become independent. I do not like spending my parent’s money anymore. I have earned before by doing a few internships here and there and there is nothing like spending your own money on your loved ones and on yourself. My mother has a fetish for handbags and clothes. I want to buy her anything and everything she finds attractive like how she used to buy me toys when I was young.

After a year or two, after I have settled, I want to get married to the man I love and start a family of my own. I do not want to live alone with him. I feel that it somehow spoils the essence of a family which you get by the presence of your in laws. I want my in laws to be like my own family. I would take care of them, pamper them and fulfill every wish they ask for. I want to have those all night long chats with them, the typical ones which I used to have back at my place.

I want a house of my own, the house of my dreams, where I would raise my family. I want it to be big, but not huge. I want it to be beautiful, and not fancy. I want to decorate it with my own hands, every nook and corner of it. I want a big family picture right at the centre wall of my house. My home will always manage to make me feel independent and special, because it will contain all those happy memories I have had with my special ones.

I want my husband to be a friend and not a dominant masculine. I want him to be supportive and protective of me. After a day’s hard work for both of us, I want him to have a meal with me every night and talk to me about his day when before going off to sleep. I want us to share whatever problems and hardships we face daily so that we both can resolve them. I want us to be like a team and work for the better. It should not be him versus me. It should be him and me versus the problem.

I want two children of my own. First, a boy and then a girl. The boy would be like a protector to his sister and share the same thing which I have shared with my older brother. They will be like each other’s lifeline, always there for each other. I am going to be strict with them but also liberal enough. I want them to excel in whatever they good at. I want them to dream big so that I can help them achieve it. I would love them like no one else, take care and protect them like no one else.

When my children grow up, I want the four of us to be more like best friends. We would have family outings together. We would go out for walks, drives, or even an ice cream would suffice. I want us to stay up late and watch movies, or chat over a cup of coffee on the terrace. I want us to play together and form a healthy competition. I want the bond between us to be so strong that no one could break it. We would be each other’s back bone, each other’s happiness.

There is nothing like growing old with the man you love and live each and every moment together just like you had hoped for. Seeing every side they have and every emotion they face, be it love, anger, anguish, pain, hate or joy. Living every moment of happiness and sadness with them. Facing life and it’s hardships with them. Fighting with them to telling them how much you love them. They see you in all shapes and sizes but never cease to love you. They are the only ones who can make a difference. Without them, life never really is the same, is it?

Well like every other girl, I have certain wishes and dreams. The above are just a mere few of them. I want to live for my loved ones. For me, that is equivalent to making myself happy. This is how I want my life to be in the future. These are my hopes. What are yours?

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