Things Men Do And Don’t Notice about Women

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Jon woke up one morning and found his wife looking into the mirror frowning at her stretch marks.. She asked him whether she should try using some cream to get rid of them. He decided to be honest with her and told her the truth, which was that if she really wanted to improve her appearance, she should get some more beauty sleep before the gremlins came in to rob them of whatever remains of their youth. What he hid from her is that he had pretty much never notice those stretch marks. Like most other guys, he was too busy paying attention to the stuff that makes the female body so awesome. Women on the other side are always obsessing and attempting to compensate for what they perceive as flaws. Here are some secrets that women don’t know about. Things that men never even notice about women and thus, these parts of the body and not the parts you should be worried about:
1. Tummies and bellies:
When most women go to the pool in the summertime, they get depressed when they see other beautiful women with a flat stomach and a sexy bikini body. Women decide to cover up their bodies because they are self-conscious about a few saggy parts here and there. The truth is NOBODY CARES. Everybody has got a little belly fat, it’s a sign of good times. A woman is confident enough to show that she knows how to eat and live, who is willing to let a little muffin top rise over the edge of the pan, is a lot hotter than someone who hides herself in big, ballooned clothing. As for the times when you get physical, these things don’t bother men. In fact, a little extra spank and slap here and there is never a bad idea in bed.
2. Breasts that don’t bounce to attention.
It is a very well-known fact that men love boobs. Agreed. Some guys have particular tastes, but most of them are just excited by life’s rich arras of breasts. Stop thinking they are too large or too small. Do not be insecure about your body. If you love your breasts and think they’re sexy, so will your man.
3. What you do with your hair down there:
Men sometimes trim their beards and sometimes they don’t. Women should feel free to take the same approach, because men are not really paying attention. According to men the product is a lot more interesting than the packaging. So grow it out, trim it, do what you want. Don’t be conscious with your partner just because your hair down their aren’t trimmed.
But here are a few things about women MEN DO NOTICE!
1.Fake colour of skin:
It freaks them out. Women spending money on products and treatments to make their skin fairer or darker in case of Americans. The final outcome always seems to linger around “orange” or “E.T. when he’s ill.” Natural is the hottest and sexiest complexion you can have. Men love dark skin. Men love olive and caramel skin, and also pale white skin. What they don’t love is fake skin.
2. Lips that have undergone cosmetic surgery:
They find it super creepy. Collagen injections and treatments don’t make a woman look like Angelina Jolie. They make her look like she’s just had an explosive dental surgery or something.
3. Frozen face:
Why do men hate it when you try to inject your wrinkles away? The reason is because it robs you of the human capability to convey human emotions like surprise or worry. It takes away your natural beauty. If you are aging, age gracefully, instead of trying to look like an emotionless freak.
4. Scars.
And so we come back to the stretch marks that are giving Jon’s wife nightmares. At one point of time his wife’s stretch marks were red and easy to notice, along with her C-section scar, but they don’t, and never did, bother Jon. And the reality is other guys mind them either, as evidenced by the fact that many strippers out there in the clubs have obvious C-section scars . In Jon’s wife case they are physical evidence of their shared history and of the pain his wife was willing to endure for their family and future. They show just how tough and strong his wife is. As a matter of fact, all scars represent experience and endurance. One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life was a nude model in a figure-study class that I took in college. She was in her 20s and had an athletic body, but what made her exceptionally beautiful were the severe burn scars all over her back. It is amazing that she had the confidence to reveal them without any fear in a room full of strangers who were there to stare at her.
Every woman is beautiful and when a guy loves you he doesn’t notice all these little things about you. So if your stretch marks or scars don’t bother them and don’t change their opinion about you, why do you let them give you any stress at all?

Okay, so, I have lost exactly 3 pounds.

Okay, so, I have lost exactly 3 pounds.

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