She is not what you think she is

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Some people just tend to freak me out! Well, I am not being judgmental but have you not come across some people who seemed to you rather weird? Ask me about weird! At first, her behavioral factors seemed funny, but then it sometimes gave me chills. In the morning she was her own self, but at night she was a completely different person. She walked differently, talked differently and everything about her did not really seem the same. I asked myself, how this could actually be. I thought well, maybe she changed with the change of company she is hanging out with. But then, in the morning, the same old people were present. That is when I figured out; it is not about the company. It is about the person itself.

Multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder has been a very argumentative topic for psychiatrists. Some believe in its existence, whereas some do not. Some say that the person is dominated and possessed by an alter, where as some believe that it is just a mere case of anxiety, paranoia or schizophrenia. One can come to communicate with an alter by hypnotizing the patient. The patient undergoes certain facial changes to develop into a new persona speaking a different language and claiming to belong from a different country with a different culture altogether. The number of alters can vary from one to a few hundreds. Now the question is, how does this actually happen?

To begin with, MPD is a situation which completely deals with the brain i.e. it is psychological. What I had experienced in my friend was that, in the evening and throughout the night, he had loud makeup on, dressed in a sexy outfit which managed to show her cleavage and made her breasts look good. She was in a world of her own, talking about fictional characters and how he felt like she was one with them, how she loved to think about falling in love with a knight, an Englishman, who would come to her rescue. The thing which I found most awkward was that, she managed to speak with an English accent. She would speak of her fantasies, sing and dance around, without caring if someone is watching. She got high on alcohol after sometime and somehow in the place of my friend, I saw this very sexy woman step forth her who craved for love.

In the place of beautiful, she looked sexy. In the place of talking sweet things, she was talking vulgar. That is when, after quite a while I realized that she is completely a different person now, or maybe she is like this only. I might have anticipated her in the wrong way. Maybe she is not what she looks like. But no, I was wrong. In the morning after waking up, I saw that all her makeup was gone. She was dressed simply like a simple girl, her face lit with a nice smile. I observed her for quite a while with my eyes popped out. Was it just the alcohol that made her like that last night? But whom was I kidding? That was definitely not the alcohol.

After everyone had left I was there sitting alone with her, caught up in a very deep conversation regarding her childhood and adolescent. And what I was hearing left me shocked. Sexual harassment caused by relatives, emotional harassment, abuses, and heartbreaks seemed to have filled her life. The scars on her hands made it evident that he harmed herself quite often. Listening to her stories revealed that she in fact tried to kill herself several times.

Insulted by her friends and abandoned by her family – this was what caused this mental hemorrhage. Considering the kind of world we live in, physical and mental assault happens to every other person, after which the person remains mentally shattered. It is to be expected that family and friends would be there for their support. That seems to be the only cure. If that itself is lacking, rather if the opposite begins to take place, then the victim begins to search for an escape, be it drugs, alcohol or suicide. The family, with which my friend lives, seems to have abandoned her as a whole, making her needy and desperate for love. Not receiving it, makes her condition worse. This has resulted in her becoming a rebel against her family. She hates her family to the extent that she never flinches from using a foul mouth against them. Now whose fault is it? Is it my friend’s who was sexually assaulted by an elder of the family when she was thirteen, or is it the family’s who have lost control over her because of her pathological condition?

Current statistics from the Department of Justice indicate that approximately one-third of juvenile victims of sexual abuse are children under the age of six years, and that one out of three girls are sexually abused under the age of eighteen. Most reported cases involve a father and a daughter. A research project in three countries suggests that MPD affects one percent of the general population.

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