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We all know that God created the world for Adam, from whose ribs was born Eve. They were commanded to not go near the tree of knowledge but they were unable to curb their curiosity which led to the fall of humanity. And here we are, thousands of years later stuck in a circle of life and death, pain and happiness and an eternity of struggle. We are the real life Sisyphus. We might have a million problems in life: passing school and college, getting a job, staying in the job, irritating siblings and too much involved parents. But the biggest problem of our lives is the other gender and this problem never ends.

A woman lives in a constant dilemma of whether she is good enough for the guy and yet dreams of the prince charming on a white horse, now a Mercedes.
A man lives with the over arching belief that he can get any woman he wishes and yet dreams of the girl who cooks food like his mother.

Here, I’ll narrate the thoughts a guy and a girl have regarding the opposite gender.

He thinks:


Every time he passes a girl in the park he thinks she smiled at him. He has a rather conflated self image which turns into six packs every time he looks in the mirror. French cut, Goatee, clean shave and stubble, everything suits him. Once in the bus he had the intuition that every girl was staring at him because of the handsomeness dripping from his face. A girl even intentionally dropped herself on his lap when the driver suddenly pushed the breaks. At times he gets confused as to why some of the girls reject his proposal. His friends have even suggested him to try modeling, which should be a proof enough? But what if he actually is not that attractive? Maybe not Hrithik Roshan but he’s a great guy and really good at heart. If a girl rejected him it is either because of some personal problem, such as strict parents or that she is shy or has a crush on someone else, or because she is money minded. Really, these girls who love for money and consider men as their credit cards are usually sluts and its better to be single. He would prefer a girl who is sweet, talks softly, is beautiful and can cook like his mother. Oh! How lucky is his dad who found such an amazing woman. He really thinks that if a lovely woman does not come by, arrange marriages usually work better. He likes a strong minded woman who is independent but is not sure about it yet, his mind stops thinking about all this nonsense. He better go and play soccer with his friends, life is too long to think about such nonsense.

She thinks:

Every time she passes a guy who smiles at her she thinks, “Am I looking pretty? What if there’s something on my face that makes me look funny? Should I smile back? What if he’s a creep? But he looks good, why would he smile at me? I must have misunderstood it.” She tells her friends who tell her she thinks a lot. Then they tell her that she looks beautiful but she knows that they are only saying this because they are her friends and there is hardly an ounce of truth in their statements because her facebook pictures hardly get likes as much as the other girls. She knows that she is not ugly, but yeah she is not pretty enough. The mirror shows only the flab, acne, dull hair, dark skin, stretch marks, saggy breasts and pores on her body. How can a combination of all this look good enough? But did the two guys in her class not propose her? Plus she also gets pokes and messages on facebook. She looks good in few pictures. Maybe she is beautiful but then looking at the guys she attracts one can’t be so sure. All of them look like cheap loafers. They travel on these silly motorbikes and do not look like the guy she deserves. Princess diaries, Twilight and all her favorite novels showed that even average girls like her can get the handsome Robert Pattinson like guy. Also, if only she put a makeup like the other mean girls she would look beautiful. She knows she is pretty, but she has dull skin and if only she could shop more and get a regular spa treatment and facial, she could easily find the mystery guy of her dreams. She does not dream of a rich muscular guy but a guy with a fit body, earning enough and a good looking face is all she wants. He must be taller than her too! Why? Because it’s so romantic to hug a guy and have you not seen any movies? The girl pulls up and the guy bends down a little for their passionate and heavenly first kiss. She is only going to marry someone she loves, arrange marriages always end in disaster. She will never be forced into getting married to a stranger and will put up a fight, but what about her parents. Her head his throbbing with confusion, she should go and eat something, it always helps.


This article does not aim at teaching you what to think and what not to think but only acts as a television screen for a few second into each others brain. Both a guy and a girl think in a way they have been taught and conditioned to and are also being influenced by the changing parameters of the world. The guy is confident like he ‘should’ be but now he wants the girl to be independent and pay for herself, whereas, the girl is yet looking at the magazines for the ideal image of beauty but now she has started to think of taking a stand, howsoever confusing might it be. All these are merely a few seconds in the mind of a guy and a girl which shows that even though we might not see things happening around, work is in progress inside us because an idea can change your life!


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