Tomorrow may never be

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Yesterday, I met a very good friend after a long time. Yesterday, I was dizzy and he hadn’t slept for 37 hours. Yet, we met,  and I spent the best 1.5 hours of my week. It was bitter-sweet because we both realized that we have only six more months when we will be in walkable distance of one another. Only six more months where we will be able to meet on a weekly, if not daily basis. 6 months later,  he will graduate and I will still be stuck with another year of engineering. After that, who knows when we shall ever see each other next?  Who knows whether our friendship would be able to survive the test of time?  Who knows whether twenty years down the line, Sailee Sansgiri would just be another girl he once knew?

When I met this idiot, I absolutely had no idea that he would get so close to me. In jest, I have always compared him to potent fungus,  saying that he grew on me too. Two ridiculous,  damaged individuals that we are, we found each other. We became close. And now, I really can’t imagine what my life would be without him. Yet, I rarely ever tell him what he means to me.

Why does this happen? We human beings are social creatures, we keep yearning for love, trust, relationships. And when we do find someone to fill that hollow space in your heart, be it a friend,  a partner or a sibling,  we start taking them for granted. We rarely appreciate them,  we choose to nitpick on every single detail, we push them away, while secretly hoping that they would stay.

Why do we do this, ladies and gentlemen?  Why do we not express our emotion,  our love, our gratitude? No, I’m not saying that you have to start spouting cheesy Bollywood dialogues every second day, but how about taking one moment of your time to express your true feelings, your true emotions that keep simmering beneath your skin?


A friend of mine recently told me about how, when she was in London, there were a series of Bomb blasts there, and she could not get in touch with her father. She waited for 4 hours, praying fervently that her dad was safe. And how she regretted that she hadn’t listened to him on so many occasions,  was rude to him sometimes and most of all, she regretted how she didn’t tell him that she loves him every single day. Thankfully,  her father was safe. And when he came back home, my friend immediately ran to him, hugged him and told him that he loved him.

She was very fortunate that she could express her love to her father. But there are so many of us who are not so fortunate. Why do we always realize the true worth of someone only when they are not close to us any more? At that moment, we yearn for a second chance, a second chance to tell that person what he means to us.

6 months down the line, I have no idea whether I will see this friend of mine again. A friend who has become so much to me in a short span of time. That’s why I sent him a very simple message- “I love you. Thank you for everything”. His reply was a simple smiley. That filled me with so much warmth, so much happiness. I know now, that even though I don’t say it nearly enough, he knows. And that feeling, Ladies and Gentlemen is indescribable

We do not express our emotions, our feelings nearly enough. We do not thank people enough for the things they do. We do not show our gratitude. We do not convey our love, affection, and respect towards them. We keep waiting for the right time. But, you know what, that right time is always there. The right time is today. That right time is now. It is really important that we express our feelings then and there. Otherwise, those unsaid words will haunt you for eternity.

Appreciation boosts her up!
So, from now onwards, take out some time to notice the little gestures that others make to make us feel special. Appreciate it. Acknowledge it. Love your near and dear ones with the warmth of heart. Express your love without any hesitation. Celebrate each day for being alive, for being loved. We should not only think about making our lives happy. But, we should contribute in whatever ways we can to make our loved ones feel special. We may not have all the materialistic things that we desire. But, we have one beautiful life. And, that one life should be lived to the fullest; with no regrets, no apprehensions.

Today, go tell your mother that you love her. Go thank your dad for standing beside you when the whole world had turned its back. Go thank your friend for being there for you, always. Go tell your partner how much they mean to you. Today, laugh a little more. Today, whine a little less. Today, love from your heart. Today, dream from your soul. Today, truly live your life. Who knows? Tomorrow may never be.

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  • karthik

    Wonerfull work… really impressive.. hats off man.. keep going. …