Top 10 Famous Women Politicians in the World

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A woman participating in politics was almost a myth during the ancient times. Women were not allowed to participate in the political activities of a country and she was always made to stay at home and house keep. Women did not get any chance to prove their ability and the best thing they could do and get credit was in cooking. They say that Politics is not the women’s cup of tea, but however many women have come up a long way in their political career and have become more famous than men Politicians. They have made a mark for themselves and also have become an example to the nation and also to men who think Politics is not meant for women. As somebody said, Only if a chance is given to the given to the Great Sachin Tendulkar, he would become what he is now. Otherwise is would have been a normal Sachin Tendulkar than a Legend. The same way, women should be given a chance to prove themselves. Even after all this you don’t agree that politics is not meant for women, then here is a list of 10 women political leaders, who have been famous for their activities in politics.

1. Benazir Bhutto

In a country where women are partially prohibited to even to go work, a lone light showed up. This light was Benazir Bhutto, probably the first women who came forward and became the Prime Minister of the country. She showed her courage and ability to lead the country, not just once but in two terms. She was helpful to the people of the country and she was famous for her leadership and for her sophistication. She was the eldest daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who also severed the country as the Prime Minister in the year 1971. She led the country gloriously and marked a place for herself in the society. She became an inspiration to many women in Pakistan and also showed them women power. But, she was assassinated in 2007. The following year she was named as one of the seven winners of the UN Prize Field of Human Rights.


2. Park Geun Hye

She was known for being the first female President of South Korea. She is also the first women in the modern history of Northeast Asia. She had a great personality and always greeted people with a smile in her face. She was considered as one of the powerful personalities in the history of South Korea. Prior to her political career, she was the chairwomen of the conservative GNP (Grand National Party). She was considered as one of the most influential persons of South Korea. Her ideas and planning had a great value and was implemented in a huge way.

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3. Isabel Martinez de Peron

This Argentinean was the  President of the country in the year 1974. She had a controversial life. She was the third wife of Juan Peron, the president of Argentina during the 1973. Following her husband’s in the year 1974, she served as the president and the first lady to hold the office. She served as the President from July 1, 1974 to 24 March, 1976. Isabel was not from a royal family and so this also contributed to create history because when Isabel became the President, she was the first lady and also the first non-royal female to become the head of the government in the Western Hemisphere.

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4. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

This famous lady is the current and the 24th President of Liberia. She is one of the founders of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia. She is famous for her doings and in promoting the country. She is also the first female head of the state in Africa. Ellen received the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2011.She wanted women’s safety and their rights. She fought a lot for this and also was awarded. Ellen was recognized in the non-violent struggle for the safety of women and women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work. She was also recognized by the government of India in 2013 for her struggle. She was very strong in her activities and attained glory through non-violence.

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5. Angela Merkel

The world’s most powerful woman is a strong member of the 27-member European Union and also carries the fate of the euro on her shoulders. Angela is a former scientist and also a German Politician. She has been the chancellor of Germany since 2005 and also the leader of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) since 2000. She was the first women to hold both the office and was ranked as the world’s second most powerful person in the year 2012, the most achieved by a woman and in the recent rankings, she is fifth. She is a very active and does a lot of mind blowing activities. She was an inspiration to a lot of women in the world.

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6. Sonia Gandhi

She is an Italian born Indian Politician and is the widow of the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. She is the President of the Indian National Congress and is also the longest serving President of the party in its history. She was ranked 21 in the Forbes Magazine, among the most powerful people. She was also ranked 9th among the world’s most powerful woman. She led the party to victory in two consecutive terms and also kept the power within herself. She is very active and her speeches will inspire any person in the country. She was a bit reluctant in the beginning and was amongst a lot of criticism, but she proved them wrong and led the Party in a great manner.

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7. Yingluck Shinawatra

This Lady is a Thai Business woman and also a politician. She is the member of the Pheu Thai Party. She was nicknamed as PU. PU is the current and the 28th Prime Minister of Thailand and is also the first woman to hold the office. When she was elected as the Prime minister, she became the youngest Prime Minister at 45 in over 60 years. She is known for her powerful implementations and activities.

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8. Johanna Sigurdardottir

Johanna is the Prime Minister of Ireland and also have served as the Minister of Social affairs and security. She was known to be the Ireland’s first Prime Minister and also world’s first openly lesbian head of government. In the year 2009, Forbes magazine listed her among the world Most Powerful women. She is very strong at heart and takes a lot of decision which is trustworthy.


9. Dilma Rousseff

Rousseff is the current and the 36th President of Brazil. She is also the first women to hold the office. Prior to her power, she was the Chief of staff to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from 2005 to 2010. She had very powerful eyes and her speeches would make everyone stunned. She was the daughter of a Bulgarian Business man. In her youth, she became a socialist and followed the 1964 coup d’etat and joined various left wing and Marxist urban guerrilla group that went against the Military dictatorship. She was jailed for her doing, but was not put back. She came back very strongly and against started opposing with the forces.

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10. Golda Meir

Golda was a teacher who later was appointed as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. She was the world’s third woman to hold the office when she was elected in the year 1969. Prior to her post, she served as the Minister of Labour and Foreign Minister. She was described as the Iron Lady of the Israel Politics years before another Iron Lady rose up in British. She was also called as “the best man in the government” by the British Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Golda can be considered as the backbone of the government and often she was often portrayed as Strong willed, straight forwards and the grey-bunned grandmother of the Jewish People. She was an inspiration to many people and especially for many women living in this planet.

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