Tots, mater and Human Trafficking

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“Hello, this is me, I hope you recognize, we talked about this few days back, is it okay to talk now”

“Everything you say will remain confidential, please feel free to talk, it’s just between two of us”

“Some people offered you a job in Hotel management?”


“What was the job was about? To work as a waitress? Am I right?”


“Did they pay for your travel? Did they offer you the same?”


“Private sex worker, am I right?”

*silence break in*


“Did someone force you to do things which you didn’t wanted to do?”

*phone disconnected*

Sex trafficking; it occurs when people are forced or coerced into the commercial sex trade against their will. I was long aware of such deplorable proceedings but it’s only after I joined college I get to know the magnitude of it, I wanted to know why so many women of my generation are sold into prostitution against their will.

In accordance to United nations, India is among the most treacherous places under the sky when it comes to Women safety; they say, sex trafficking will not stop until it’s been constrained here, India is like a cynosure of human trafficking and unfortunately, this all seems true. Instead of having a tremendous GDP growth in past few decades, India continue to be overburdened by the highest number of child laborers, child slaves and trafficked victims in the world. We all are well aware of this, u want to believe? Approach a sex worker and reckon how she ends up here? Their stories will fetch life out of you, words will pierce deep down your kernel and exanimate you. Most of them are a victim of human trafficking, some land up here by the ferocity of their custodians, some by demons will.

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Experts believe that occurrence of such activities varies heavily with certain factors and certain groups of women are especially prone to be victims of human trafficking. The first categories of girls are those who are victims in their own houses. They are victimized and socially rejected at their own homes. The victims often come from places less noticed; like orphanages or slums because the victims have no outer or inner resources. The second category is women abused by parents or husbands or boyfriends or relatives (caretakers). They are ready to accept any level of exploitation to escape the abuse. The third category is single mother from 2 to 4 children’s; they live in acute poverty and hardly earn enough to sustain basic life requirements. Without doubt; poverty, corruption and abuse are the root cause of human trafficking. It is estimated that there are more than 30 million victims of human trafficking in the world today. With the spread of Diversity among populations, what once was an illegal organization is today an illegal INDUSTRY. Human trafficking is the 2nd largest and the fastest growing criminal industry in the world and credit goes to globalization.

Population is the prime factor contributing to barbarous growth of such deplorable activities, especially 20 million poverty-stricken girls, in their early 20s, are especially trafficked for the purpose of flesh trade, within and outside the country. The children are used for domestic laborers, domestic servants, beggars and many time for organ sales too! Children’s are among the most affected, they are a easy target, their voices are not heard, primarily because they are not voters, and when it comes to Citizen’s rights, it’s more or less a vote bank appeal in our country, children’s; vote less, are not bothered to listen, until they represent hierarchy of some lucullan kinsfolk. Second reason is the dignity towards poor children’s, the one who are never be-friends by the so called upper class, and treated equally. It’s pretty funny that such tadpoles are usually interacted by two type of people; the one who charity them or those who misuse them, why can’t we consider them as equal human beings, mercy won’t help, treat them like equals, it’s going to be fine itself.

Women’s, apart from trafficked for flesh purposes are brought for ‘marriage’ purposes also, with a skewed sex ratio in many central States, these women are sold to single men’s, unable to find a bride because of eclectic reasons.

Premvati,20, is a mother of two, was bought from Nepal 2 years back for a mere 6000 rupees, one day her husband sold her to another men without ever her acquiescence, her husband never came back and she was forcefully taken to a new village where she was kept by a men for some time and again sold.

Not just India, children’s from neighboring countries, especially Bangladesh and Nepal are brought to India and sold to Middle East and Europeans. Trafficking them is not a tough nut to crack, at least not in a country where 8 men with tons of explosives break in, just with a help of a boat! Remarkably, India became source, transit and a destination, a complete package of human trafficking. People say we are developing, I say yes, but at few places, not in the right direction!

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