Trampled under Misogyny

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While going out for the evening show of a movie, with my friends I heard my mother’s worried voice saying to me, “Come back on time. Do not be late. It is not safe outside.” Despite my assurance that I would be back soon, I was sure she kept worrying the entire time. Such is the panic faced by parents. This is not alarming to any extent. Open a newspaper and the numerous crime reports will convince you that the times that we are living in are not safe for women. This scenario has been prevalent over a considerable period of time now. The need for the hour is ratification of the social reforms. Why tolerate women harassment in a country that boasts of globalization? In-arguably, the nation is seized by a host of social evils against the female population. The increasing number of rapes and negation of women’s rights paves the way for an earnest need for change. Misogynist attitudes should be discarded.
Problems faced by women: more often than not, the womb acts as the venue of discrimination against women. There are innumerable reports in most parts of the country where the female fetus is destroyed for want of a male child. This, besides being a heinous crime, is an offence punishable by law. Determining the sex of the fetus is a criminal offence as most often the knowledge is misused to kill the female infant. Often this is seen in orthodox rural families that belief in the male heir being the sole scion of the family and hence the female child is treated as a source of burden. Why? Well, because to wed the daughter, the father has to give dowry to the groom. It is shameful and downright disheartening. In most villages, schools receive only the boys for education. The girls have no right to be educated, there. The logic behind it is alarming. Girls are imparted domestic training so that they can make better homes. Not to mention, women in the work places are often sexually harassed by the superiors by threatening them that their job will be taken away if they refuse to comply with the wishes. In certain scenarios, women have been denied maternity leave and brutally humiliated. Not to mention, marital rape is the most shameful of all. There are countless reports in police files of women who have been cruelly treated by their husband. There are true stories of women being raped by their husbands, tortured, and even forced to bear children against her wishes. These blood curdling stories bring tears to the eye. Acid attacks are not unheard off in the present society. Indeed it is no longer safe for the women to travel alone, be it at late hours or in broad daylight. Cab drives, metro crowd, office colleagues, the danger is everywhere. Rapes and sexual assaults have taken place at homes, educational institutions and even public places. Objectification of women play a huge role in the encouragement of women being taken for granted, as objects of pleasure. The glib advertisements and movies portray women in scantily clad clothes that degrade the respect that women deserve. Treating women as objects is wrong and unethical. Trafficking of women has increased manifold causing distress to parents of a daughter. It would not be wrong to say that females in India are still encircled by the prejudices of the male population despite Globalization or Liberalization. Women are not only biased against, based on the grounds of ethnicity, caste, or creed irrationally but continue to face dire consequences owing to being tagged as the “inferior sex”.

Every girl has a dream. Don't crush it.

Every girl has a dream. Don’t crush it.

Reforms and improvements: Why should women be treated like scum, right from the womb till their death? There would be no future generations if women were not ready to bear the intolerable labor pains. There would be no maids if women decided not to work anymore. The fairer sex needs to stand up for themselves to do away with the demons of misogyny. It is time that the women put on the armor of strength and the breast plate of fortitude and rise to the occasion. Men should believe in chivalry. Giving women the respect they deserve is essential. These values should be inculcated in boys, right from childhood so that they grow up to comprehend the real worth of their mother, sister and other females. Curbing prejudice against women and curtailing the scope of mistreating them is a must. The government should enhance more reforms for women welfare and implement laws that provide justice for the rape victims, and other women who have been shunned by their family. Women should educate themselves regarding their rights. Most often the victims are afraid of humiliation and fear of being discriminated by society. Hence they do not take any step against the offenders. This is wrong. There are several NGO’s or other non-profit organisations that fight for women rights. The first step is to know the basic rights. The key points are equality, liberty and freedom of expression. These rights are entitled to all and hence women should learn to be responsible for their own protection. They are not the weaker sex. If women can stand labor pain, they can be brave and fight and fend for themselves too.

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